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David MacRae
David MacRae
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Aug. 3, 2015
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July 23
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Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: KJT K8 AQJ9852 A
It would be a slight underbid if you had six diamonds. With seven it's huge.
Ian Rowlands's bidding problem: KT6 AT Q64 AKQT3
Support or not, I double.
ACBL Reduces Toronto NABC Entry Fees (Canadian Dollars)
Absolutely right. Whenever you're in any foreign country, the best way to pay for things is to use plastic. "they don't charge me for the currency transactions and seem to give a good exchange rate on my purchases". That's true of pretty much all credit cards. You ...
Barry Buehler's bidding problem: T3 A AKQ75 AK942
Delete. This comment no longer makes any sense as the post it was responding to has completely changed.
Barry Buehler's bidding problem: T3 A AKQ75 AK942
Stopper-asking seems like a good bid with this hand.
ACBL Reduces Toronto NABC Entry Fees (Canadian Dollars)
Agreed with George. You always get the best rate by withdrawing money from an ATM in the foreign country. This is because the bank collects all of its thousands or millions of transactions together and moves the money across the border in one shot. Of course, there may be additional ...
David Coles's bidding problem: KT874 KT854 73 K
He might, but he probably doesn't. Still, there is no choice other than pass.
Ilhan Topkaya's bidding problem: Tx Q987xx xx AKT
I don't understand the passers. You rate to make 3. Give pard the K and a random Ace, for example.
James Huntington's bidding problem: J2 AJT9863 JT A8
Fred King's bidding problem: 73 Q976432 KJ Q4
Majors rule. It's as simple as that. There's time enough to bid diamonds when the opponents inevitably accept the transfer.
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