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David MacRae
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Is this upgradeable?
Indeed. It's a pretty good game. Makes if there's only one heart loser (odds on) or if the clubs can be brought home for four tricks. Not today.
Is this upgradeable?
That's not clear at all. Depends on the placement of the opposing honours. It is easy to imagine that it's right to play the hand from this side even if partner has all four queens. I came back to this game in 2013 after a 20-year hiatus. The ...
Paul Kilger's bidding problem: AKxx AKTxxx K xx
There isn't a second choice.
Is this upgradeable?
1 opened 1NT with this hand playing 15-17. Amusingly the next hand had a 2NT opener and my partner with Q109x J9xxxxx - xx chose to transfer to 4H, which unsurprisingly got doubled. Unfortunately this contract had no play.
New Suit Jump In Response to Weak Two
the .5 refers to the queen.
Trick 2 Defense
I'm not proposing it but if pard has the A and two trumps ducking is clearly superior.
Should this bid be reported to the director ?
I phrased it badly. Sorry. I don't live in the world you do. In mine the declarer, who is a GLM, was utterly astonished that I saw through his subterfuge. I like to think that I am moving up a level to the point that I might have to ...
Should this bid be reported to the director ?
@Micheal and Richard. Everything you say is undeniably true. In the real world, however, it never seems to work that way. People don't play double games and people do check on aces.
Should this bid be reported to the director ?
Table feel is also a factor - and both these considerations pointed to the same conclusion. However, the auction remains the dominant issue. The vast majority of people would check up on Aces reflexively - and why not? You are very unusual in this regard. Had he thought to complete the illusion ...
Should this bid be reported to the director ?
I had the following auction bid against me recently by two good players. 1 - 1 3 - 3 4 - 6 What's this? Opener cuebid his own suit, apparently denying a club control and then responder blasts slam without even bothering to check for Key ...

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