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David MacRae
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David MacRae's bidding problem: JT QJT74 Q3 A973
As I said earlier, I did not hold this hand. It seemed clear from the table discussion that both players thought they had an agreement but they disagreed on what it was.
David MacRae's bidding problem: JT QJT74 Q3 A973
I don't know what they play was although I will say that the hand opposite falls into a standard 11-14 range. I have figured out how to fix the problem. You can now Double if you want.
David MacRae's bidding problem: JT QJT74 Q3 A973
There should be an additional Pass.The problem belongs to the west hand. I fixed the article to add the additional Pass.
David MacRae's bidding problem: JT QJT74 Q3 A973
It is much more likely to "wake her up". Is that a legitimate reason for bidding? What about bidding 3 and correcting diamonds to hearts" Is it reasonable to sell out to 2 with at least half the desk, a quality heart suit and a known fit for ...
GNT Qualifiers - Same Question, Different Year
Our D7 team qualified 4-handed and then added two members. All six people show on the roster. Possibly some teams augmented too late to show up on the list.
GNT Qualifiers - Same Question, Different Year
Does anyone know why there is no Open team for District 1?
ATB: Slam vs 3NT
There are several dubious bids in this auction. But the only one which is truly horrible is the pass of 3NT. For all North knows his pd has Qxx of hearts and the opponents are taking five tricks in No trump when 6 is cold.
1m - P - 1!S - 2!H - 2NT?
I'm with Aviv. It could be slightly less than 18-19 in an unbalanced hand. As I frequently play weak NTs, 17 pts balanced is a possibility.
How do you play this suit
The only thing wrong with this poll is that we don't get to see the number of people who, like me, abstained.
Bruce Schwaidelson's bidding problem: K J83 AQT73 T872
If I understand our system correctly pard has denied a major so they have nine spades and we have at least eight clubs
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