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How would you bid this hand differently?
I too learned weak NTs forty years with 2-way Stayman. But I soon switched to transfers. While 2-way Stayman is [i]relatively[/i] better with a weak NT, they are far superior in an absolute sense. Kieran makes some good points about the advantages of transfers but the most important ...
How would you bid this hand differently?
Seriously MH? I think that the vast majority of weak no trumpers use transfers. And if you don't understand the advantage of transfers you need to go back to Bidding School 101.
Making the Best of a Bad Situation
N/S took a somewhat different assessment of their assets at my table where I was East. 1 - 2 - 2 - Pass Pass - 2 - Pass - 2 3 - Pass - Pass - Pass Well bid because South made exactly three.
How strongly do you feel?
I really cannot conceive of leading anything other than the Jack of diamonds. It's a good attacking lead and I don't see that anything else is safer. A club or a spade could indeed turn out to be better but the odds have to be with the diamond.
ATB: Missed Slam (corrected)
And, yes, I agree that West should have cuebid over 4NT. I said that earlier. This does not excuse the atrocious double of 6 diamonds. By far the worst bid in the auction.
ATB: Missed Slam (corrected)
It seems that I have to repeat this. 5 showed clear-cut confidence that the contract would make. In view of this, the double of 6 is simply atrocious. I have absolutely no idea how anyone can defend it. And, in fact, no one has even tried to.
Was this the correct ruling?
If I was North and I thought I knew what they were playing then, in the absence of an alert, I would ask. Maybe they've changed their system since I last talked to them. Honestly, I would ask before making any call other than Pass, whether I knew them ...
ATB: Missed Slam (corrected)
I really find it difficult to understand all the hate piled on West for this hand. While I would have doubled 1, the Pass is certainly not shameful and probably would be the majority choice in a bidding poll. East then bid a practical 4 showing about 8-9 ...
Was this the correct ruling?
This. [quote]If South is an experienced player, then the rational thing to do would be to ask about 3♣ before bidding 5♣.[/quote] I can find no justification for the 5 call and therefore would let the table result stand.
French Convention/Treatment "Call Cue-Bid": (1m)-1M-(1N)-2m
Yes. Nicely done. Just to add, cue-bid d'appel should be translated as takeout cue-bid as the author clearly derived the term from the French for takeout double.

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