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How do you play the spades?
Well, I was just responding to Chris' comment about finding he had three spades losers. The best way to avoid that is to start small to the nine and then lead back towards dummy. IMO, it's also the best way to play for one loser. If the seven appears ...
How do you play the spades?
I'm with David Corn. The intra-finesse is best. Start with low to the nine and then low to the eight. It holds the losers to two in all cases where West has four trumps.
Mechanical error
At the table, I thought it fairly clear that East was attempting to obtain an advantage. I also think that she simply believed she had the right to accept the bid. So it's not malice. Perhaps not stupidity or sloppy thinking either. The director, however, is quite another story.
Critique This Auction with Satan
I'm not sure what you are complaining about. Is it that you missed seven? Or that you failed to stop in five? Or maybe it's that you managed to wrong-side both suits? And what does Satan have to do with any of this?
ATB - No Double, No Game
I hate the 3 call. It's a normal 1 bid. 2 and Pass are both better than the actual choice, which got what it deserved. It really surprises me to see the panel turn on East. I don't like either of his choices but neither ...
Mechanical error
@MS No it wasn't. The discussion was clearly about whether the bid was a mechanical error or not. Everyone agreed. At this point East decided she had the right to take advantage of it all on her own even as North was attempting to correct his bid. BTW, the ...
Who should have used Key Card
But that answer is wrong. They are trembling on the edge of slam. It should certainly be investigated.
Who should have used Key Card
My understanding is that they got to slam so he wants to use keycard to avoid it. [i]South... bid 5 spades asking about diamond control[/i] and North said yes.
Who should have used Key Card
Who should have used Key Card
To me, the primary meaning of 4 is that the hand belongs to us. As such, it announces that slam is a possibility and the opponents are not going to be allowed to play 5 undoubled. It does not promise a control. As such, I don't feel ...
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