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David Matthews
David Matthews
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Basic Information

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May 25, 2013
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Dec. 6
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Bridge Player
about me

Originally from the UK where I use to play at Young Chelsea Bridge Club and in the London League for City of London College in the early Seventies. Now living in Perth, West Australia.


Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
Won some West Australia (WA) State Events and represented WA at Open and Senior level. Mostly average at best.
Regular Bridge Partners
Chris Ingham; Cynthia Belonogoff; Nick Cantatore; Anton Pol; David Schokman; Don Allen
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Nedlands Bridge Club, Perth
Favorite Tournaments
Watching Bermuda Bowl and Spingold
Favorite Conventions
Transfers with SA's; New Minor Forcing; Modified Michaels (Bailey); Lebensohl; Puppet Stayman; Russian Twos (invented by C Belonogoff); MSKC
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
My Turn to Speak
There is some mention of reasons. "Specifically the proof does establish that four issues were raised with him at least at a dinner meeting with ACBL officials in early March, 2018. They were treatment of staff, progress on the CRM and accounting review project, interaction with and listening to the ...
Critique this auction, which bid was least correct?
I totally disagree with the many opinions about the 2 Club opener being wrong and that 1 Heart is the correct opening bid with this hand. I have a simple rule - would I be unhappy if my 1 level opener is passed out? With this 2 loser hand I would ...
With which of these hands would you invite?
This is what transfers and super accepts are for (3 to an honour for a minor SA).
Barry Dehlin's bidding problem: J AKJ42 4 AKQ832
Whilst it's highly unlikely that 1 Club will be passed out, I have a simple rule for this type of situation. Would I be unhappy if 1 Club is passed out? The answer, with this 3 loser hand, is unequivocally Yes.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Over 1000 comments. Is this a record?
Best option?
Sorry, yes. Did not read his post carefully enough!
Best option?
Ben, I wouldn't be discarding a Club as that basically gives declarer the contract if he has AKx of Clubs. For me the 3 of Spades is the discard. If I was to switch at T3 it would again be the 3S.
First unpleasant experience of changed 2017 Laws
Bidding Box, David
Dangerous spot
Yep, agreed. 3D is some sort of Bergen raise? Personally I would just bid 4H. In my carding arrangements partner cannot lead 5D from 3 small (we play MUD and second from 4 small). So 5D is either a singleton, or from 3 to the Jack (declarer will then play ...
David Matthews's bidding problem: KQ94 K9 K76 AQJT
Interesting, Richard. I was South and held A72 54 J832 K752 and felt that I couldn't double without another Spade. North doubled and now I could only bid 4C which went 2 off for the heaviest loss of 7 Imps (Cross Imping). The King of Hearts is waste paper ...

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