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Feb. 6, 2012
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June 10
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Minor suit slam try over 2NT
What I have played for many years with my regualr partners os this structure: 2NT - 3 is a relay to 3NT then 4 - at least 5-4 in the minors with short 4 - at least 5-4 in the minos with short spades Then 4 of a major ...
Rowland Reeves's bidding problem: 8 AK842 QJ8542 3
{ abstained, but. with my regular partner at MPs we actually would open this hand 2D which we play as Red Flannery. shows 11-15HCP 5+Ds 4+Hs, Diamonds always longer.
Bridge is a sport; brain is a muscle
Did anyone else besides me notice that the picture accompanying that article shows a hand containing two (2) Queens of Hearts in it? Muscle indeed! Not to mention the doubleton spade 5 and by that I mean, one spade 5 next to another spade 5.
Leo Lasota's lead problem: 8763 T764 4 Q983
Leo, At the very least you could give the heart suit you actually held, which was !0732. You might also have mentioned the problem you gave partner when you led the 3! :)
Science or Guess
At the table, it never occurred to me to make a competitive, non-forcing 4 bid on this hand. Even if it was forcing, with the known poor quality of partners holding, it is highly unlikely that he would participate in looking for slam. The problem, at least the ...
Science or Guess
Given the vulnerability and the predilection of people today to preempt on 5 card suits and raise on two card support at favorable vulnerability, I did not really think that 7, was going to be reachable. Were the opponents vulnerable, the likely of a spade void in partners hand ...
Science or Guess
Completely agree, though as I said, first time, unclear UI (which is what I do professionally). Next time will know better.
Science or Guess
Apologies if there was a better way of posting this. It was my first post here and my partner said I should put it up a s a poll question.
Science or Guess
Sorry, this was my first ever post and was not sue of the mechanics
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