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I was ensnared by bidding theory as a young player and still haven't escaped its clutches. Author of articles in Australian, British and US magazines; book reviewer for The Bridge World; member of the IBPA (International Bridge Press Association) jury that selects the bridge book of the year.


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Transfers after 1NT - 2C - 2D?
The method in David's and Tim's book is one I suggested (and which was published in International Popular Bridge Monthly). David tweaked it slightly because he wanted to play 1N-2-2-2 as Baron, so needed a sequence to show INV hands with 4-5-x-y/5-4-x-y. After opener ...
The price of headaches is, he said...
It’s not accurate to say that cycling was a level playing field because all cyclists were doping. That ignores the evidence that there were substantial differences in the doping regimes used by different cyclists. In part, this was because of differences in the regimes developed by different “doctors”. But ...
Searching for a book
To be fair to Michael's memory, the hand is at the very beginning of the section on play in the second half of the book. Kaplan effectively combined two books, one for newer players, the other for advancing players, in one volume.
Looking for an old Bridge World Editorial/Article
My understanding is that EK wrote most of the editorials until he was no longer well enough to do so. I wonder, therefore, if the comment was in one of Jeff's articles. I checked his two-parter on the 64 Olympiad but it's not in that. Nor is it ...
Questions for people who play 12-14 1NT
My requirement is very similar: opener raises to three when he has a hand that would have accepted an invitation after opening 1NT, and responding 2M to Stayman.
Strong club, 4c major system
Steve: You might want to look at Kevin Cadmus's book "BFUN: Bridge for the Unbalanced". It describes a canape system based on Ken Rexford's book (which others have rightly referenced). It's playable (from a theoretical perspective) and looks like fun (although I haven't played it). It ...
Questions for people who play 12-14 1NT
There is one other issue that is worth considering: contiguity of ranges. One advantage of opening 1NT with 15-17 is that balanced hands that open one of a suit are either weaker or stronger. When playing a weak notrump the balanced hands are always stronger. This is often an advantage ...
Questions for people who play 12-14 1NT
David and Zia are right. As Edgar and Freddy argued in their books on the Kaplan-Sheinwold system, opener's "problem" hands are those with 12-14 points and balanced as they have much less playing strength than their shapely counterparts. To improve your constructive bidding it's good to take those ...
How do you rule?
I was at the next table . . . EW's argument was that 1S showed a hand too weak for a 1N response (which would be 9-11) or diamonds. West decided 1N was where he wanted to play opposite 5-8 BAL with no 4M: there was no game; while he knew there ...
How do you rule?
FWIW, the director who made the ruling was the principal author of the alerting regulations.
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