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I was ensnared by bidding theory as a young player and still haven't escaped its clutches. Author of articles in Australian, British and US magazines; book reviewer for The Bridge World; member of the IBPA (International Bridge Press Association) jury that selects the bridge book of the year.


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Looking for Strong Club systems
There are many relay (and some non-relay) strong club systems that use 1H as ART and strong. As Alan notes, Paul Marston was an early advocate of this method, introducing it to Australia and New Zealand in the late 1970s. A small number of systems that use 1-1-1 ...
Who is the slowest player ever; Zimmerman?
Most experienced relay players take relatively little time to make their bids when they are describing their hand except after the opponents interfere when relays are still on, or when the hand is very unusual (meaning those relays are very infrequent). What can take time is when the asker has ...
Into the valley
Ah! The vagaries of bridge! At the next table my partner had a tool -- Namyats -- and used it. (Personally I prefer Kantar's idea and open 3NT with a strong preempt in either major but that wouldn't help on this deal as partner can't know it's right ...
Basic Kickback situation?
I have a different view about R(esponder)'s different ways to show long hearts. After 4SF I think the difference between a jump rebid of 4 and rebidding 3 then 4 is the quality of the heart suit, not R's overall strength. If playing picture ...
Methods after transfer responses to 1C
Similar issues arise in a Polish Club context when using XYZ because O(pener) can have such different strength hands. Adapting from that, my suggestion here would be to play 1-1-1-2-? 2 = any min (R[esponder]'s non-jump bids are INV with 2+ denying ...
Defense against multi 2h
One way to defend bids like this is to adopt the defence you use to pass-or-correct bids (such as 2[multi] P 2). My simple agreement is that X is t/o and other bids except a "cue" assume they have the bid suit. As Chris notes, this ...
The Bridge World
My vote for best article is "Roshomon", by the inimitable Frank Vine, in the April 1976 issue. I liked the article so much I watched the film. That made the article even funnier.
The Bridge World
As an author and reviewer for The Bridge World I agree with the comments about the quality of the editing. Apropos Oren's comment about consistency of scoring in Challenge the Champs: in 1974 some glitch caused the same deal to be used in the April and September issues. The ...
IMPs, VPs or something better?
I think introducing his ideas to a wider audience is a good thing. I wasn't aware of Mr Slawinski's website, and I'm sure many others were not. As is frequently the case with people who think significantly outside the box, there's a high "miss" ratio. But ...
This is provocative but . . . As someone who is occasionally a competent player and who recently volunteered to be an administrator I'm a bit puzzled at the different attitudes taken towards administrators, sponsors and teammates. Many posters recognise that administrators are rarely top players but expect them to have reviewed ...
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