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I was ensnared by bidding theory as a young player and still haven't escaped its clutches. Author of articles in Australian, British and US magazines; book reviewer for The Bridge World; member of the IBPA (International Bridge Press Association) jury that selects the bridge book of the year.


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Bridge post-mortems at the table
@Michael S: 1994, serious event, serious 1st-time partner, aggressive young turk opponents. LHO opens a weak notrump, partner bids 2 to show hearts and another suit, RHO doubles. We haven't discussed this and have different ideas of what we should do: -800 when they have no game. No ...
Suggested Defense Against MOSCITO 1D and 1H transfer openings: Balancing seat
As I noted in the earlier thread, I think it's essential that the defence(s) that are submitted are for a generic transfer opening, i.e. they are not just for Richard's particular version of Moscito. That means covering delayed action by second seat, whether or not they ...
Suggested Defenses Against a MOSCITO type 1D or 1H opening
Hi David My point was not that that transfer responses (which are forcing) and transfer openings (which are not) are the same; clearly, they are not. Rather, it’s that players will become more accustomed to the use of transfers in auctions other than after a notrump bid. This reduces ...
Suggested Defenses Against a MOSCITO type 1D or 1H opening
Too much heat and not enough light, as, alas, is usual when unusual methods are discussed. A few points worth noting: [B]Some methods are harder to defend against than others.[/B] In my experience, by far the hardest is openings that show shortness in a suit. Why? Because defenders ...
Suggested Defenses Against a MOSCITO type 1D or 1H opening
I think it would be a mistake, Richard, to seek approval only for a defence to your variant of Moscito. My recommendation would be to offer a defence to any transfer opening where 1 shows hearts and 1 shows spades. I'd extend that further: I play a ...
Suggested Defenses Against a MOSCITO type 1D or 1H opening
Jan (who has done a LOT of work on defences) is a firm believer that detailed discussion of later rounds is essential, and that different variations (in what an opening may show) require specific, tailored defences. My experience from playing and defending against Moscito and similar systems for 35+years ...
Martian Standard Defense to Big Club
While I've never used it, Suction and similar defences to a strong club do have one advantage: they make it difficult for the opening side to find secondary fits. Consider an auction like 1-1-2-P 2 (where 1 shows H or S+C) This looks ...
1,3,5 leads question...
Not quite, Yu. Some folk who lead 1/3/5 do so from honour sequences as well. (See Kit's comment above.) For one of my occasional partners the lead of the A would deny AKQ (else lead third). This can obviously be advantageous, even though it's possible to ...
The 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge are around the corner
Isn't it a gerund? ( Looks to me like another example of Edgar's drafting: The Bridge World was (and still is) big on ensuring gerunds are preceded by possessives. I vaguely recall Edgar writing something in an old issue explaining gerunds and why ...
Research on Sexism and Bridge: Have your Say
Perhaps an alternative explanation is the gender of the opponents. A recent analysis of expert-level chess concluded: "Recent explanations for the persistence of both the gender wage gap and the under-representation of women in top jobs have focused on behavioural aspects, in particular on differences in the responses of men ...
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