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I was ensnared by bidding theory as a young player and still haven't escaped its clutches. Author of articles in Australian, British and US magazines; book reviewer for The Bridge World; member of the IBPA (International Bridge Press Association) jury that selects the bridge book of the year.


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Restricted choice: real life example
Perhaps, but there are a number identified in "Monty Hall in the Wild" ( More importantly, the article shows how much better pigeons are compared to humans in making evidence-based decisions (. . . which segues in my mind to the great line in The Economist about ...
Prelude to Bermuda Bowl-1959
@ David Yates "I was also hoping to go over all of the 1958 hands as there was controversy. Alas, I could only find a few hands and a lot of scuttlebutt . . . The 1958 edition might be one of the more interesting events to analyze board by board. The Americans had ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Re DB's calculation of the odds and why looking for a club ruff may be better: in 1998 when Cathy Chua was preparing to publish her book [I]Fair Play or Foul? Ch**ting Scandals in Bridge[/I] she asked to me review a number of the deals. I ...
Master Points for Foreign Players
There are two different problems I have experienced with ACBL masterpoints as a foreign player who has no interest in playing pro. When I was living in Canada as an Australian diplomat I was given no credit for the small number of ABF masterpoints I had. That meant I finished ...
Polish Club: how to rebid this 4-6
The book bid is 1 but none of the Polish Club books I've read discuss continuations in any detail, except what happens if you play Magister (2 is an INV+ checkback). In theory, if partner makes a non-forcing bid (such as 2 or 2) you ...
Worst Bid? For Bidding Theory Geeks Only
David is right that many relay methods will have difficulty bidding his set of hands accurately. As is so often the case, this is because the wrong hand is relaying: the balanced hand principle tells us that only the balanced hand will be able to tell how well the hands ...
Kickback Konfusion
It's hard to provide a meaningful answer without a clearer idea of what other options opener had at each of his turns to bid. My guess is that opener can't have spade support else he would have bid 2 or 3. I'd note that problems ...
Super-accepting after 1NT opener
If your partnership is going to make a descriptive super-accept (and the lead-directing issues Kit identifies are important to take into account) then the best method is for opener to make an Anti-Splinter. This shows a suit where opener would reject a short-suit trial bid. The rationale is that low-HCP ...
@JA: "2) 5+ Spades, Long minor.... I can start with 3 now." Not safely. If partner thinks your 3 shows long spades and short hearts then you will often get a raise to 4 on a doubleton or a singleton honour. (Even x AKxxxx xxx AKQ might ...
New suit: natural or control bid?
In case anyone is interested, it was the June 1981 Master Solvers' Club in [I]The Bridge World[/I]. The auction was 1 (P) 1NT (2) 4 (P) 5 The panel was split 14-13 as to whether 5 was natural or a control bid, with ...
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