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I was ensnared by bidding theory as a young player and still haven't escaped its clutches. Author of articles in Australian, British and US magazines; book reviewer for The Bridge World; member of the IBPA (International Bridge Press Association) jury that selects the bridge book of the year.


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Handling competition over a precision 1!C
As others have noted, passing 2S is clear once partner can't double for takeout. As to what is the best method here, I think there are some important lessons from standard bidding that can be applied. One is that a takeout double is the single most useful call we ...
Books on Meckwell Precision?
My experience of using 1H to show all positive responses to 1C within a certain point range (tried both 8-11 and 12+) is that you are vulnerable to competition. While that's not likely, bidding shape first then clarifying strength, even by a simple mechanism such as step = min [or ...
Phone App for Kaplan-Rubens Hand Evaluation
True, but KnR compensates a little for this by its suit quality calculations: AKxxx Qxx Kxx Kx is worth half a point more than AKxx Qxxx Kxx Kx (but AKx Qxxxx Kxx Kx half a point less). I think KnR undervalues long suits for NT purposes, like most evaluation methods ...
Phone App for Kaplan-Rubens Hand Evaluation
All mechanical hand evaluation methods have flaws, and these are typically magnified as the auction develops. This is not surprising as most evaluators are developed for blind evaluation, i.e. before you know anything about partner's or the opponents' hands. A lot of work has been done by different ...
Phone App for Kaplan-Rubens Hand Evaluation
Jeff Goldsmith's online calculator fails to implement the additions to the suit quality count of "swallowing" quacks in seven-card or longer suits. To replicate Kaplan's judgement, Rubens' program adds 0.7 to the suit quality count for a seven-card suit missing either the queen or jack. Larger additions ...
Phone App for Kaplan-Rubens Hand Evaluation
The original article in The Bridge World ((October 1982) says ". . . a void suit provided 3 non-losers, a singleton 2, a doubleton 1: the Goren count for distribution! (Very early, we modified the shortness count by assuming that a "normal" hand contains one doubleton. Thus we did not count the first ...
European Format?
It's probably worth noting that there's a cultural heritage element to the different formats used on different sides of the Atlantic. Round robin competitions are commonly used in many European countries in a wide range of sports. All the major European soccer/football (depending where one comes from ...
Reese-Schapiro, 1965
"Reese-Schapiro and The Foot Soldiers are the only high profile cases I know of in which unusual posture or movement led to arrest. In all other cases the culprits were suspected long before their systems were broken, if indeed they ever were broken." I was told that many European players ...
Avarelli's Pass
Today it's clear to bid hearts but it's important to remember that bridge was different, even as recently as 1972. Many players in many countries still played doubles of preempts as penalties (a common method in the UK was for 3NT to be takeout) or as optional (this ...
4NT overcall when opponents are in 4!s
While agreeing that 4N shows any two-suiter will lead to tolerable results much of the time it has a serious flaw. Advancer has to assume overcaller has both minors so can only bid hearts if willing to go to slam opposite C+D. If advancer happens to choose overcaller's ...
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