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The Fallacy of Restricted Choice
This critical topic is even thornier when the proper noun ends with a double s. I have even seen an "e" inserted as part of a plural possessive. Sadly, my parents are not around to provide a definitive ruling.
The age of paranoia
Regardless of one's opinion of the recorder process, it is what we have and we are best off following it. In our district, we certainly only send a form to the ACBL recorder if we have discussed it with both sides. In practice, obtaining forms for possible ethical issues ...
ACBL Tests Online NABC Event
I am a little distressed at some of the negative comments. This is a pilot and not (yet) a fundamental change in NABCs. There are countless conversations here about the inevitable decline of the ACBL. The most likely growth area is through on line bridge. Our district along with many ...
Part I - GNT Subsidies for Winning Teams
The D24 CoC actually has old language. Our publicity for the 2017 event states "The District will provide a $1,000 travel subsidy per team to the winners in Flights A, B and C." Apologies for the miss in the last CoC edit.
What Does An Ethical Huddler Do
Sadly, I tend to huddle more than I would like. If my bid does not become magically clear, I will take the option that is least likely to provide my partner with options. Unless partner has a clear action, he usually will choose the option least likely to be successful ...
Ban those 1NT openers!!
Barry, Would you really "normally" have opened something other than 1NT without the recent discussion? What? David
OKBridge - R.I.P.?
It does feel like there is an anti-OKB bias on BW. It always is more entertaining to post negative comments. I admit I am change averse, but am still an OKB enthusiast even as it has contracted. Maybe I just never figured out how to find meaningful games on BBO ...
ACBL Units
Join your board and just do stuff. As a member of a unit board for years, I wasted a lot of time in(and contributed to) many philosophical debates over things out of our control. However, if anyone came to the board and offered to do anything that made sense ...
Feedback Requested on Advance Entry Tournament Services
The first session of the Tuesday/Wednesday Open Pairs started 30 min+ after game time. I couldn't tell if the BW service was part of the problem or should have been part of the solution. Maybe neither.
ACBL Website
I think people are all assuming that the target audience is only ACBL members. I belive the site designers also knew that the web site should be a major component of the ACBL's overall marketing strategy. If someone at work asks me "What were you doing in Las Vegas ...
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