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David Moss
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May 19, 2013
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about me

I began playing bridge when I was 7.   My father was impatient becasue he neeed a 4th to join my two older brothers and spare my mother the pain of playing with us.  I have been playing in NYC since 1995.  I am currently honored to be  president of the Greater New York Bridge Association

United States of America

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One Glaring Example of ACBL's Bloated Bureaucracy
We can only talk about ways to divide up the pie, if we can increase the total pie. In our case, we need the clubs and the unit to work together to make any progress. The GNYBA, Jeff and the other club owners are moving in that direction. We are ...
GNYBA Partnerships
I am guessing, Robert may be referring to me, not Brad Moss. I definitely remember Robert when he played with Rich Baumer. They were a formidable partnership.
Dismantling a board
David L, Shockingly, I must respectfully disagree with you. The idea that board members make substantial financial contributions works well for philanthropic organizations. People with resources are giving something back to society and they also get ego gratification. Bridge is not something that the average NYC 1%ers even if ...
Reasons to attend the Eastern States Regional (NYC)
The error was mine. I thought Robb played in the 1929 event. I saw a recorder form about Ozzie's gamesmanship that looked like Robb wrote.
Reasons to attend the Eastern States Regional (NYC)
For anyone who remembers the heyday of NYC bridge, we are planning to add a nostalgia event next year. Entry fees (and master point awards) will use 1960 schedules. Only basic Goren, KS or Roth Stone allowed. Coat and ties required. Harry Goldwater is expected to direct.
Reasons to attend the Eastern States Regional (NYC)
Robb may have miss-remembered 1927 and 1928. See link for winners since 1929
Reasons to attend the Eastern States Regional (NYC)
Dave Feldman wrote the 2004 guide. We are negotiating his research budget to perform proper updated reviews.
Masterpoint Survey
I don't have an opinion on the survey question, but I have a related rant. New York City and other regionals run some premier two-day events. They are not well attended. This year's BAM jumped to 9 teams. Why don't more people play? Partly because it is ...
Youth Bridge and Robots
John, The New York /New England tournament is scheduled for Saturday Feb 3 (the day before the Super Bowl). We plan to have a regular robot event and a declare only event. BBO is currently running daily practice games for both events for youth in the region who register through ...
The Fallacy of Restricted Choice
This critical topic is even thornier when the proper noun ends with a double s. I have even seen an "e" inserted as part of a plural possessive. Sadly, my parents are not around to provide a definitive ruling.
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