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European Team Championships/Open: Your Predictions
One of the BBO voice commentators said the same, that it was in response to players and NBO's. That's probably it. In the World Championships they only play 3 x 16 board matches a day. I always thought that was a bit soft, but it seems odd that ...
European Team Championships/Open: Your Predictions
I notice there have been two significant changes 1) Reversion to a complete round robin 2) A really tough schedule with four matches, I assume 16 boards, most days. Has any reason been given for these changes? I'm just curious.
You Judge - The Whole "Whole Story"?
The director should have done more at the time, but it's unclear (to me at least) what he should have done. The laws appear to only cover fouled boards in pairs events:- LAW 87 FOULED BOARD A. definition A board is considered to be “fouled” if the director determines ...
An "offbeat incident"
Your correct action is to call the TD, but in any case the Pro's remark is intimidation, so would that not be a Zero Tolerance infraction?
An "offbeat incident"
Where does 17 Imps come from? I'm bemused.
An "offbeat incident"
It's not just the Dutch Federation. All English Bridge Union National events have pre-duplicated boards, with the hand records on the results. I would think most counties association do the same, certainly mine (London) does. So do they still deal boards at the table at some ACBL events?
An "offbeat incident"
It wasn't a RR Knockout. The event is described as 'Thurs Brk RR Teams Br 1 - 9 Tables' Whatever that means, but sounds like it was an all play all event to me (I assume RR means Round Robin?). So it looks to me like the result may have ...
Proposal: New Soloway KO with Qualifying Swiss at Fall NABCs: Increase Attendance!
Speaking as an outsider. I think having a two day Swiss as a lead in to a major KO event is a bit of a lottery. There will be a bunch of teams close together around the 32nd qualifying slot, it will depend a lot on who you draw on ...
Bermuda Bowl Round-Robin, Day 1
What is this 'disinvitation' of Balicki and Zmudzinski about? The Bulletin just says "The Credentials Committee of the World Bridge Federation met earlier today. It determined that the invitation extended to Cezary BALICKI and Adam ZMUDZINSKI be withdrawn; consequently they will no longer be eligible to play in the Bermuda ...
The Videos Speak: Fantoni-Nunes
One would hope so. If there was protocol in place one would expect to find it in the Supplemental conditions of contest. The only thing in the COC's for the Europeans is "The teams of the first 6 NBOs in the final ranking of the Open, Women and Seniors ...
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