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David Neiman
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Feb. 20, 2013
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Dec. 20, 2019
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Those Pesky Opps
Sigh, so true.
Those Pesky Opps
West didn't open, and North didn't start with 1N. XX has merit. E will probably takeout to 2H and it'll come back to N. What then?
NABC Robot Individual - How do I practice for this?
The real problem is that there are gaping holes in the robots' bidding heuristics which don't seem to be getting fixed. I have examples from my NABC practice rounds as well. This is why I've decided not to play in the Robot tournament, even though I've had ...
David Neiman's bidding problem: A97 AKJ984 74 KT
See this post for the companion hand. Partner devalued her hand, bid 3 and I had to pass. Made 4.
David Neiman's bidding problem: 5432 9632 AK6 74
So if this hand is not a candidate for garbage stayman, what is? How would you change this hand to make 2 better than Pass?
It CAN Be Done
Peg, thank you for such a nice writeup of this event. But you forgot to mention one more tidbit: that you are the NPC for the US team at the Buffett Cup this week in China. Congratulations! Good luck to the team! (Take lots of pictures!)
2019 Buffett Cup
Congratulations on your captaincy, Peg! Best of luck to you and the team!
Mike Cassel's bidding problem: KJ6543 K2 AK9 Q6
Pard’s NT is a bit of a red light. Let them describe their hand.
Richard Lawson's bidding problem: T863 AJT43 T9 K8
My partner passed which led to a good result when I reopened with a X and we played it there. On reflection, I think that's a good decision. It's not necessary that E has spades or that E/W have a game. If the opps continue bidding, E ...
David Neiman's bidding problem: J976 T 8643 QJ52
Thank you, Steve. Very interesting discussion on that link. I'll spring that on my partner next time this comes up and we'll see what happens!

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