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Oct. 31, 2018
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Better Bidding of Potential Slam Hand
Surely if you are in slam on this hand 6NT is best, although care would be needed to try all suits in the best order
Commonly accepted meaning of (1X)-P-(1N)-2X? (1X)-P-(1N)-2N?
This normally also applies after 1♣ (P) 1♠ where the spade bid shows no major
For many years I have played that fast shows major. Hence 3NT in this position shows 4H and spade stop. in principle it has the advantage that you can never be pre-empted out of your major fit. No obvious disadvantage over standard methods.
Spingold - where are the first round results?
David, try: Initial Seeding; Scoreboard' Spingold KO Opening Round
Is the Best Defense Double Dummy?
If you cash the AC and exit then the 9S is an entry to the KC
Thanks, Fred Gitelman
For those of us who have problems leaving home to play or talk about bridge your developments have allowed us to keep some contact with the game we love
How to find the diamond fit?
There is potentially a second problem if you find a D fit, perhaps via the Rubens advance, can you now stop at the 3 level? Wouldn't you expect to bid 3D with the spade hand over the 2C transfer?
We Need a Better Mousetrap
I think probably acknowledgement to Ralph Waldo Emerson (disputed)
How to tell your partner if the opponents are strong
One partner and I often discussed the merits of system modifications depending on the strength of opponents but never followed it through. Mainly because of the potential differences of opinion on standards and the issue of what to write on the front of the different system cards - could be embarrassing ...
It's That Man Again!
Interesting also that Paske and Jones played all the boards in the final, even though a Team of 6 and I think it was the same in the Spring 4s. Perhaps it's a young person's game again.
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