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David Parsons
David Parsons
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Nov. 6, 2015
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16 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Bridge Accomplishments
Recently, 52/388 in Wernher Open Pairs for my first Platinum points.
Regular Bridge Partners
Paul Frean, David Libchaber, Irving Gewirtzman, David Carter
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Honors in NYC
Favorite Conventions
Not a convention, but I love New Losing Trick Count (NLTC) for hand evaluation.
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Parsons Libchaber
Two over One (Larry Cohen's Style)
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David Parsons's bidding problem: KJ8763 4 J64 T92
2? What 2 bid are you referring to?
David Parsons's bidding problem: J AK7 AQ92 J8754
Richard, I provided partner's original hand six notes up in this thread. How would you have bid it with your best partner? At the Flight A North American Pairs event here in NYC, 30% of the group got to the superior 6 contract while the other 70% (including ...
David Parsons's bidding problem: J AK7 AQ92 J8754
Yes, 3 does mean that...but it also means "extras" (more than a limit raise) since the bidder has agreed to move beyond 3. So, perhaps I misspoke (sorry) when I said it promises a "control." In fact, it merely promises a stopper and also denies a stopper ...
David Parsons's lead problem: T A83 98742 T854
Oops. I need to retract my statement that the T was the best lead by 0.1 tricks when run double dummy. While the constraints on the problem were fine, I made a mistake on reading the results. The actual result was that the T lost (not won) by 0 ...
David Parsons's bidding problem: J AK7 AQ92 J8754
Ah, okay. I misunderstood.
David Parsons's bidding problem: J AK7 AQ92 J8754
If you're so certain about 5, then why not bid 5, the Queen-asking bid? If partner has six diamonds, he'd bid something other than 5 and you'd reach small slam, with an extremely high chance of success given the position of the takeout doubler ...
Question from Opponent after Dummy comes down
If the CC is wrong and "Could be Short" was not properly announced with the 1 bid, and it made a difference, then opponents could rightfully claim damages afterwards. Whereas, if the CC was correct and the question gave UI information to defenders, causing LHO to lead clubs many ...
David Parsons's bidding problem: A64 8 6432 AJT97
This was a tough call -- in the actual hand, partner had a singleton A, and small doubleton spade, and had KQJT (missing the A). So, 6 went down one, but if partner had a doubleton heart and singleton spade, it would have made. Partner was critical of my 6 ...
Question from Opponent after Dummy comes down
Sorry. I should have been more careful.
Question from Opponent after Dummy comes down
Oh come on, Ray. If the lead was from a three card suit, the board had a three card suit, and declarer's RHO asked what the minimum number of clubs declarer could have, do you think that declarer's RHO could have anything other than four? I was dummy ...

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