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April 24, 2014
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After 1S, ?
4 for a&b Though on the right day, against the right opponents, it is a little bit tempting to "walk the dog" in case b. Starting with a pass or even a forcing 1NT (if available) or anything else that takes one's fancy and slowly meandering towards ...
Strong Multi
Would it be legal right now, to play a multi, that included all 11-14 hands with a 5+ card major, and 20-21 balanced ?
What is partner's signal?
Yu, I wasn't in anyway criticizing your particular agreement. I think it is very similar to that held by most players. I am saying I feel, that as things currently stand, full disclosure is usually not possible and the inferences available to most decent partnerships are often not also ...
What is partner's signal?
This comment is not specifically about this hand. I worry a lot about signaling situations that allow for ambiguity. Just because it is very difficult to make full disclosure about your methods to the opposition. "What are your signaling methods?" "UDCA" "Do you show count or attitude on opening leads ...
What is he thinking about?
Long ago and far away I knew of someone who played in this situation, only in the other team's home. Rightly or wrongly they suspected that they were being subject to deliberate gamesmanship. After a few hands like this, they waited until the "tortoise" had played a card after ...
No Penalty After A Revoke ?
I'm not sure I understand the problem here or the "pound of flesh" comment. Your partner draws attention to the revoke. The opposition call the director. The director applies the correct ruling. All seems straightforward and non controversial. So the alternative would have been: Your partner draws attention to ...
No Penalty After A Revoke ?
I would never actually ask for redress in this situation and wouldn't call the director. A personal idiosyncrasy, that I don't expect others to agree with. However, once the director is summoned she/he should enforce the laws as written and I would expect that ethical opponents, who ...
Double Dummy Make 4!H
East unblocks the J at trick 2. West wins trick 3 with 9 and plays a diamond through. East cannot be forced to win trick 3. But I don't think this matters to the eventual outcome
Double Dummy Make 4!H
I' m not a good enough analyst to work out exactly what happens, but doesn't this line become a bit more complicated when East gets in with the K and leads the last , West presumably discarding a small
It Doesn't Have To Be Random
Does North have to throw the K under the A in order to stop declarer coming to 3 hearts 3 diamonds and 3 clubs on any lead?

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