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April 24, 2014
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Showing the Ten of Spades
Does one example out of thousands really make anything "more suspicious."? I am going out to play Bridge this afternoon, If I get those two hands I will probably lead a spade on both occasions. But anything from a gut feeling to prolonged opposition thought before bidding could easily change ...
Showing the Seven of Spades
I'm just getting very perplexed about context here. I would dearly like to know just how old these hands are. At the minute, mostly what I see is a reminder of how differently we bid back in the day. Far from jumping to conclusions, I'm mostly curious about ...
Showing the Four of Spades
I am completely in awe of the work that must have gone into creating this. I wait each article with considerable interest. I have not yet seen anything that shocked me. Each article leaves me with considerably more questions than answers - but that is the way with any good story ...
The Difficulty of Playing Well Against Palookas
Perhaps they played to the end because they actually enjoy playing bridge. The score of a match doesn't have to affect the pleasure to be found in each hand. And the quality of the opposition doesn't actually force you to look for inferior lines of play.
Showing the Two of Spades
I'd honestly want to know an awful lot more about these two hands before even starting to speculate. What system were the opposition playing? Had the opposition similar styles in both case? How much time passed between the two auctions? People do vary their tactics against different pairs and ...
The Difficulty of Playing Well Against Palookas
As a fully paid up member of the palooka's union, I would never assume that a fellow palooka had the K for this bid. I would even be aware that there was some sort of clever dummy reversal available that meant I didn't have to risk the club ...
Following the Rules
Unsporting? #howtodragathreadofftopic
Active ethics: A Step too Far?
I have never conciously equated "non-ethical" or "a failure to be actively ethical" with cheating . When I read Don's comment,it makes sense to me why this debate produces such strong reactions. I have always seen these things more in the light of, "Thou shalt not kill; but needst ...
Active ethics: A Step too Far?
I understood that you were saying the Law has to read this way, I simply disagreed and gave my reasons. I doubt we will meet on this. However, I do take your point about the concept "Active Ethics" and I start to wonder if it does more harm than good ...
Active ethics: A Step too Far?
John, I don't know how often I have to say that I have no problem with the ethics of people who do not draw attention to the revoke. I will add for clarification, that I even can see the validity of the argument that it is actually a bad ...

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