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The difference between winning and success;
The late great Bill Shankly was even stronger in his opinion. "Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that." On a personal level, the older I get the ...
Is that how one should tackle this?
I understand about UI, but sometimes opponents' answers make life very difficult. I'm sitting 4th vul against non with a 4144 20 count, including AQJT. LHO opens 2, partner passes and RHO bids 2 which is alerted. I ask about the alert and the answer is "forcing ...
Queen guess in six card ending ?
Impossible now, but I'd have loved to have seen how the voting and analysis would have gone if West's discards had been in that order and how would have fared. I'd imagine a lot would depend on your knowledge of the ...
Queen guess in six card ending ?
I play in the wrong standard of games to get this right, but I do wonder if West wouldn't discard a a spade rather than a heart with any holding except Qx. The fact that he can't be sure where the 10 is, would seem to make a ...
More Legal Eagles (push poll)
If the 2 bidder thought 3 meant diamonds - as it would seem. Then surely (s)he should treat 5NT as a grand slam force and bid 7 with 2 of the top 3 honors. Even if they aren't playing that, 5NT must be some sort of ...
Orders of Protection - American Pool Players Association - ACBL
Ian, in a case like that, X could apply to the court for relief on the order of protection and the court, after considering all the facts, might grant it - or not. But my understanding is that until a court resolved it, it would still be X's responsibility not ...
Incorrect Review
Point taken. But perhaps in future, if someone asks them for a review of the auction, they should simply say, "We don't remember either" - a lot safer than being penalized for possibly remembering wrongly. And if that happens often enough perhaps people will start leaving their bids on the ...
Ethics of Taking Advantage of Hitches
West with 93 might hitch because (s)he wonders whether to give true count or not. If (s)he hitches with a singleton then I have a problem - otherwise I'm willing to concede that bridge players occasionally think about which of two cards they might play and accept that ...
Orders of Protection - American Pool Players Association - ACBL
The whole point is that Y gets to live their life completely normally. The onus is completely on X to stay out of Y's way. It doesn't matter who got there first, or who entered first, if Y arrives X must leave. This is because X broke the ...
Incorrect Review
I don't understand why West and East have any more responsibility to remember the auction correctly than South does. If they deliberately mislead her that is one thing - but there is no suggestion of that. Everyone forgot the correct auction - everyone is equally culpable - no adjusted score - move on ...

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