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April 24, 2014
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Bart Bramley: Master Storyteller
I’d just like to thank you for doing the podcasts. Bridge isn’t exactly short of written materials, it is great to have something in a different format. Wonderful stuff. .
Good ruling?
I'm interested in what 2 means in this context. Without the benefit of East's announcement what is the agreement on the 2 bid here? If there is an agreement that it means pick your better major then Im tempted just to roll it back to 2 ...
It's ATB Time
It depends what 4 means in this sequence. If it has been agreed as to play then 4 is absurd. If it is a cue bid agreeing spades it depends how bad an invite it can be - If South can have Kxx xx Axx Kxxxx or similar, then ...
Permissible enquiry?
I tend to lead passively against players who won't necessarily find the best line if left to their own devices, and aggressively against declarers who I think play the hands well. I'm also likely to pick the lead I think most likely to be made by the majority ...
Bridge Software?
Thank you that is wonderful
ATB, but I get the couch
Three-card raises--- are they automatic?
How much does it change anyone’s opinion if the hand is Q32 2 KQ432 A432 ?
How should East-West get into this auction?
As no-one has suggested it - it has to be wrong. But I play this type of hand as an immediate 1NT overcall. 14-17 and it hasn't caused many problems.
Theory vs Practice
Why doesn't line #3 also get the 3-2 break with AJ doubleton offside? He is also allowed to reason that E will only take the A first time if he has AJ doubleton. He is only committed to finessing the J on the second occasion if the A was ...
I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore
We are discussing a pair who can't agree on whether a two level bid shows clubs or diamonds Yet we are assuming that they will know what trump suit they have agreed, which bids are forcing and what sort of Blackwood they are playing. After the start they made ...

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