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David Scharfbillig
David Scharfbillig
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Feb. 26, 2012
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Sept. 30
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Bridge Player
about me

'Advanced' Intermediate level of skill.  I wish I had more time to play outside of BBO, but having a young child limits the number of tournaments and club games you can play.  

I'm always interested in learning as much as I can to become a better player.  I like playing against experienced players and playing in 'open' events instead of I/N for the higher quality of play.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
My first MPs playing in a sectional with my wife's (then) 93 year old grandmother.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning a District GNT final with my teammates & getting my first Blue Ribbon Qual in 2016
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Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
So Cool ... And Kind of Mean
Thanks Greg. My 6 year old has been saying she wants to learn and your rules seem really simple
Steven Gaynor's bidding problem: 65 T5 K82 AJ9875
I voted what I bid at the table since I held this hand, but I was strongly considering 3NT as well
Open DC Discussion Thread
I stayed in DuPont circle 3 blocks from the Red Line. From there it was 1 stop to the Marriott. It was $85 a night all inclusive after splitting the cost with my partner for a small condo. The Uber ride was about $5 the one time we needed it
Open DC Discussion Thread
Got home yesterday from the NABC (my 2nd one ever). Although we missed qualifying for the Flt C GNT knockout by 2 VPs after getting blitzed in the final round I had a really good time. The games we played in Thurs - Sat all started on time. I had a ...
A Simple Question
I did not because they did it as 3rd hand immediately after their partner played the opening lead. In that case it would have made any difference treating it like a major penalty card
A Simple Question
I played in the Thursday night side game and on multiple occasions the 3rd hand already played their card before dummy came down at trick 1. It was kind of annoying.
Systems on over 2NT overcall
Thanks - I appreciate all the comments
David Scharfbillig's bidding problem: AK9 Q87 KQJT7 AT
I started with 4 and we eventually found our way to 6NT (5-5-5-6NT were the follow-on bids). It can make but you have to figure out to play low to the 10 on the first club since they split 6-0 (partner has KQxxx in the suit ...
David Scharfbillig's bidding problem: Ax AKJxxx --- QJxxx
I did bid 4 thinking partner would interpret it as a strong bid with and was curious what folks here thought. Just for the rest of the story he bid 4 holding KQJxx QT xxx AKx and we were cold for 7 in 3 suits
David Scharfbillig's bidding problem: Ax AKJxxx --- QJxxx
Standard, 2 was not game forcing

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