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How much edge do you need to justify variance?
If it's a 1:5 proposition being offered to me on the first hand, then they're giving me money hand over fist right now, aren't they? i can't envisage any line-up of players where folding AA can be justified
How much edge do you need to justify variance?
Yes, of course. The best player in the world only has an ROI (return on investment) of perhaps 250% in a moderate tournament, and perhaps less these days. Your tournament equity will rise significantly by calling off your stack against any hand he has except the two other aces, and ...
Club bridge in Athens and Rome
Quite right Nicolas And by the same token it is always correct to refer to 'New York, USA' rather than simply 'New York', so as to distinguish it from the borough in Lincolnshire, England, not 70 miles from your own birthplace, of the same name. And likewise the capital city ...
The Impossible Two Spade Bid
Hasenson and I play a fairly simple form of modern Acol with little in the way of system bids. This is one sequence however where we do have a specific agreement: 3m is a courtesy raise 2NT shows a maximum hand for 1NT with 4+ in the minor and working ...
Gianarrigo Rona re-elected WBF President
And did we tell you the name of the game, boy? We call it "Riding The Gravy Train".
Raises to five of the agreed major suit?
This must be right. I've had a few occasions recently where this has come up, and more than once I've had partner woodenly bid or decline a slam based purely on trump honours or the number of losers they hold in the opponents' bid suit. 5M in my ...
Bridgewinner's members in winning team at EBU Summer Meeting
And had a cracking result in winning the BAM mixed a fortnight ago. The most improved player in English bridge over the last couple of years?
PASKE Wins Mixed BAM
EXCELLENT !!!!! Very well done :-)
Why are men more successful at bridge than women?
Women poker players have to put up with an atrocious level of sexist treatment from male players at the table. But the egalitarian nature of the game itself affords them compensating advantages that should reflect in superior win rates. Most men carry their predispositions about gender differences into the poker ...
Wroclaw - the Directors
I thought the directors were first class. We had a few rulings at our table and on each occasion the director understood the issue immediately, took the right action (including ruling against us twice) and handled the matter swiftly, professionally, knowledgeably and authoritatively but with perfect courtesy. I was super ...

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