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Tainted Boards Left In Play At EBU Event
BTW, by the phrase ' some acknowledgement by the EBU is due here' I meant 'due in these circumstances', not ' due here on'.......
Tainted Boards Left In Play At EBU Event
Richard You are probably right - it very probably was the case that Hasenson was the only person who actually consulted the online data and that everyone else relied on paper records and other media. I'd certainly like to think so, given that he was the only one to come ...
Tainted Boards Left In Play At EBU Event
Ian I fully accept that any formal response by the EBU should derive from full possession of the facts and after proper consideration, and I don't think many people would disagree with you in this regard. Do you not think however that it would have been appropriate for an ...
Tainted Boards Left In Play At EBU Event
No announcements relating to this issue were made at any point during the event. I mentioned it during session 3 to a couple of fellow competitors, who were surprised and somewhat concerned. Clearly the authorities adopted a policy to hush the whole thing up and hope the problem went away ...
Tainted Boards Left In Play At EBU Event
Yup, that was another of my suggestions that they kicked out. Because there are 6 events all playing hands simultaneously, using the next day's boards would have rendered them unuseable for all categories, not just ours. But I still think it'd have been preferable to the line they ...
Public statement from and myself
Artur Nobody refused to play. I don't think anybody even got close to refusing. Furthermore, every day when we arrived at the entrance to the venue we were greeted by the ugly spectacle of Fantoni surrounded by a good-sized group of cronies laughing and joking. You'd have thought ...
Public statement from and myself
Artur That's easily said, but unrealistic in practice. And too much to ask of amateur players. As luck would have it, we found ourselves drawn to play the last two boards of the tournament against Fantoni and partner. We were lying 5th, a very decent achievement for our partnership ...
Public statement from and myself
I spoke to one of the organisers just before the start. I told him how disgusted I was to see Fantoni on the list of entrants. He made it pretty clear that he wasn't happy himself, but following the recent judgement he had no alternative but to allow Fantoni ...
Would you ever refuse to play a particular opponent?
Fantoni turned up today for day 1 of the Barcelona pairs competition. Nobody yet seems to have had the bottle to refuse to play against him. His partner btw, this week's prime candidate for a turd in the post, is a certain Miquel Trape.
How much edge do you need to justify variance?
If it's a 1:5 proposition being offered to me on the first hand, then they're giving me money hand over fist right now, aren't they? i can't envisage any line-up of players where folding AA can be justified

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