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Who Will Direct the Directors?
Proof is never required in Bridge except in serious disciplinary cases. TDs (and ACs) work on preponderance of evidence. The evidence required in a disciplinary matter is quite high, so DPs are given rarely, but even so, intent is not necessary. If a player loses his temper and calls his ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
The current laws allow TDs (and ACs) absolute discretion to give PPs for any sensible reason, and of any size.
Who Will Direct the Directors?
I agree that the wording can be misinterpreted but the intent of the lawmakers and TD training and writing by senior people and many many many years of experience have made clear the correct approach for TDs and ACs. If the assessed probabilities are 51% 4S-1, 49% 4S= then it ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
The problem with changing the law in the way you say for a very rare occurrence is that it messes an excellent law up for the over 99% of other cases.
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Geoff it has been made clear again and again through this thread that adjustments restore equity and you penalise by other methods. So when you want to give an adjustment that penalises instead of restoring equity, that,s illegal.
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Geoff: is this because you do not believe that your suggestion is illegal or just that you would do it anyway and to heck with the laws?
Who Will Direct the Directors?
As said previously there is a problem with refusing to follow the laws so as to punish someone. As has been made clear the contract might or might not have been made absent the MI. So not giving a weighted score is not acceptable. There are no recorder forms outside ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
There are no suit symbols when editing but there are now. . The editing was done with ! followed by a letter.
Who Will Direct the Directors?
If you believe there was a disciplinary problem then you issue a DP. But I don't see it.. PP: You did something wrong. Please don’t do it again. DP: Your behaviour was unacceptable. Please behave in future.
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