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What's a "Comparable Call"?
It is unfortunate that people confuse the terms ‘call’ and ‘bid’ just as people confuse ‘evidence’ and ‘proof’ and many other well defined terms. A bid is a number of tricks followed by a denomination so pass is not a bid, as Jim says.
Bid spades or double?
I think both pairs I know of who had difficulties on this sequence had methods to show 4s and a game force over 2N.
Do Sandwich No Trump bids need to be alerted
Is it alertable? It depends on the jurisdiction, ie where it is. I see some responses have assumed ACBL but not everyone on BW is in the ACBL. It is certainly alertable throughout the British Isles and in the ACBL.
What's a "Comparable Call"?
If you are going to change the law completely there are better solutions.
What's a "Comparable Call"?
I have no liking whatever for the Comparable Calls law which I think is a dreadful law. But giving A- seems pretty poor as a solution. Why not allow any call but the IB is UI to partner, AI to the opponents?
Different explanations in the middle of the hand - what now?
It seems as simple as that to me, though of course as Robin says first you call the TD.
ugly insufficient bid over multi 2D
The trouble with comparing apples with oranges is that they are not similar. If partner opened 2 natural and I bid 2 I would be long in s. Furthermore if I play change of suit forcing it comes to much the same thing. 2 shows a completely ...
David Stevenson's bidding problem: A2 J7 AKT5 KQ764
That may be true in an overall context but you are talking to someone who makes more and worse defensive bids than most people. Nevertheless making an offensive bid on KQ762 at Red (v v nv) at the 4-level at aggregate, or even forcing the bidding to at least 4 ...
David Stevenson's bidding problem: A2 J7 AKT5 KQ764
I held this hand and passed as 46% of you do. Partner had not got opening values though she had 5s so she really was not good enough to overcall 3 nor protect with 4. I felt this was merely a howling success for weak twos and ...
ugly insufficient bid over multi 2D
Ugh. Does a preference bid “specify” that suit? Somehow it feels wrong. I said 2S could be a stiff S and 3Hs: with a partner who plays traditional style weak twos it could really be H xx. I suppose it could be said to specify Hs but I don’t ...
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