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June 5, 2015
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Reverse Attitude Leads?
To be honest in 55 years of playing I have never met anyone claiming to play Reverse Attitude leads and my guess is you ran into a pair that was trying something they did not understand. If my opponents told me they were playing Reverse Attitude leads I would ask ...
Reverse Attitude Leads?
2nd and 4th in Europe implies low from a doubleton. In the British Isles it does not. I use the term 4th and 2nd since I think this is less likely to cause confusion.
Director call - have I missed something?
I have explained why the general approach is to accept that when a card is played from dummy it is not illegal to have decided what card is played from hand (not what card you are playing to the next trick, for example). Despite what you said I am pretty ...
Director call - have I missed something?
If I had not I would not have bothered to reply.
Director call - have I missed something?
It is impossible to provide the support rt of clarity you are asking for in many of the bridge laws because they are based on bridge judgement, and that differs from person to person. If a beginner in his second month hesitated before playing from hand he may be working ...
Director call - have I missed something?
Or not, of course. As you know perfectly well some simpler rules analogous to your alleged analogies are of course followed or dealt with, eg playing anti-clockwise. But because of the coded and secret parts of the game it is never really going to be possible to enforce all the ...
Assign the blame
As regards the actual poll, I think the 2 answers 50-50 and Some other balance of blame could be improved by having 3 answers, 50-50, West more to blame than East and East more to blame than West. I think that would have produced some interesting results. (Why does my ...
Assign the blame
I cannot remember. I think it may have only gone 3 off which sounds as though our defence could have been improved on.
Assign the blame
If for some reason you think you should bid again after a preempt should you not say so by doubling?
Director call - have I missed something?
Perhaps there should be a law in bridge (and elsewhere, of course) that we should be tolerant?
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