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June 5, 2015
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Tournaments using computers
The fact that people are cheating seems no reason whatever to reduce Bridge to a computer game. It seems a better reason would be to make serious attempts to stop the cheating.
Tournaments using computers
The primary reason for not running tournaments as computer games is that they are not computer games. Interaction between human beings is part of Bridge and so are cards. So why not play Bridge in Bridge tournaments?
ACBL to adopt EBU results file format
Certainly the NGS annoys me slightly. I understand why only English results are included, but winning two green point events in a weekend, then playing at the club a couple of times next week and having my NGS plummet does not make it feel like a real reflection of anything ...
ACBL to adopt EBU results file format
Ian, what are you doing reading emails halfway through a board?
Tricky ruling
Since we do not know the details we do not know why you were ruled against on that occasion, but it is not a general approach on this side of the Atlantic to punish non-offenders for their misunderstanding in MI situations.
Tricky ruling
That is not true, Peter. Players have been known to make mistakes, find out from partner’s explanations what has gone wrong. Now if they are ethical and knowledgeable they will continue bidding as if they had not forgotten their agreements but explain their agreements correctly. So there is certainly ...
Tricky ruling
It does not invalidate rulings based on LAs - though as Tom points out in this case LAs are irrelevant. The definition of an LA is based on what other people would do playing the same system and style. It would probably be difficult to poll people who might bid this ...
Tricky ruling
I think, Steven, that that is more of an ACBL approach. In Europe we tend to be more sympathetic to the non-offending side, I think correctly.
Tricky ruling
That is a totally invalid conclusion. The fact that most people do not bid 3S does not affect whether this player would have bid 3S with the MI or without.
Tricky ruling
David Corn's remarks may have been meant in jest, but just in case not, this was the UK with none of our known stroppy players at the table. I believe the answer to his question would be 1/4, Y, N.
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