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David Thompson
David Thompson
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March 20, 2011
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about me

National Youth Coordinator with the Australian Bridge Federation. Occasional BBO commentator. Please note that any comments, views and opinions expressed in my posts here are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the various organisations with which I'm associated be that by way of employment, membership, office holder or volunteer.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Beating Ish Del'Monte and my older brother in the final of the National Youth Teams in 1993.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won the 1993 Far East Youth Teams
Regular Bridge Partners
Jamie Thompson
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IRS of NORWAY is on bridge pros!
What are the rules for VAT registration in the UK? I presume there is a turnover threshold and a requirement to be carrying on a business.
IRS of NORWAY is on bridge pros!
In USD terms, the alleged unreported income of the two players in question is about $120K each per annum over a nine year period. It will be an interesting case to follow as it will likely reveal a lot about how top-level pro bridge remuneration works and I wouldn't ...
Alertable or not?
Other. Depends on jurisdiction. In ABF events, no alert (but a pre-alert would be required). In WBF events, alert.
More VuGraph Coming
It's interesting that the WBF manages to overcome these security risks for round robins in events such as the Bermuda Bowl. I would've thought a combination of video surveillance, no electronic devices and supervised toilet/smoking breaks would do the trick. You could even go a step further ...
Play Six Hearts
It kind of feels like I'm screwed if are not 3-2 so I'm going to assume trumps are breaking, in which case I can roll home with any 3-3 break and some Kx layouts. Accordingly, I'll win A, cash K, J to A, ruff ...
Interview with Eric Rodwell
Were they filming a Bollywood dance sequence in the room next door?
Poll for those who watch vugraph
I'm somewhere between 1 & 2.
When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
Abstain. Any remotely serious bridge should use predealt boards.
Yiting Wins Women's Swiss
That font looks so realistic too.
How Would You Rule on This Claim?
Abstain. Use a hand diagram with all four hands and tell us what the contract is.

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