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David Thompson
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March 20, 2011
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about me

National Youth Coordinator with the Australian Bridge Federation. Occasional BBO commentator. Please note that any comments, views and opinions expressed in my posts here are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the various organisations with which I'm associated be that by way of employment, membership, office holder or volunteer.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Beating Ish Del'Monte and my older brother in the final of the National Youth Teams in 1993.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won the 1993 Far East Youth Teams
Regular Bridge Partners
Jamie Thompson
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From a bidding box when is a bid final?
The poll needs an "other" option. It entirely depends on local regulations.
$375K ACBL Boondoggle & Hawaii Fallout!
It sounds like the ACBL needs some better logistics people. Surely (assuming one can source chairs locally) everything needed to run a NABC would fit into a single 40 foot shipping container. A quick online quote for port-to-port one way Horn Lake to Honolulu gives a range of $1,815 ...
$375K ACBL Boondoggle & Hawaii Fallout!
Why does Hawaii have a shortage of chairs?
The Hungarian Bridge Federation switches to play with tablets instead of cards
"There's always something else": I want to bid with a tablet but keep the play of the hand with real cards. I've never really liked bidding boxes which have proven to be a excellent way to cheat and consistently facilitate mechanical errors which can be completely eliminated with ...
If not discussed no alert or explanation is required (BBO ruling question).
The OP is referring to online play where you alert and describe your own calls, not your partner's calls. If the call you are making is undiscussed, you should alert it and describe it as "undiscussed" but I think the actively ethical thing to do is to elaborate with ...
Open Orlando Discussion Thread
It's not clear to me why they wouldn't just use the finishing order in the Swiss qualifying after the top 16 have exercised their choices to determine the rest of the KO bracket.
Master Points for Foreign Players
That method gives a similar result of 5.94. Given that the sorts of players who would seek to enter restricted events would not be the sorts of players who would top national masterpoint races, a better method might be to calculate the "exchange rate" on how many masterpoints one ...
Master Points for Foreign Players
If the objective is simply to determine eligibility to play in restricted events, the easy solution is to work out an exchange rate to convert foreign masterpoints to ACBL masterpoints. The simplest way would be to use the national masterpoints winner totals. In Australia's case the winner in 2017 ...
Can someone suggest how to run a team game with six pairs?
Teams with six pairs is quite easy. You basically have two teams-of-six (three pairs on each team) which I'll call Alpha and Beta. Table 1: NS: Alpha, EW: Beta Table 2: NS: Beta, EW: Alpha Table 3: First Half of Segment: NS: Beta, EW: Alpha; Second Half of Segment ...
Information about Orlando World Bridge Series
Does anyone know if tablet bidding is going to be employed in Orlando and, if so, which events will be using it?

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