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David Thompson
David Thompson
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March 20, 2011
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April 17
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about me

National Youth Coordinator with the Australian Bridge Federation. Occasional BBO commentator. Please note that any comments, views and opinions expressed in my posts here are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the various organisations with which I'm associated be that by way of employment, membership, office holder or volunteer.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Beating Ish Del'Monte and my older brother in the final of the National Youth Teams in 1993.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won the 1993 Far East Youth Teams
Regular Bridge Partners
Jamie Thompson
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Favorite Tournaments
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
Abstain. Any remotely serious bridge should use predealt boards.
Yiting Wins Women's Swiss
That font looks so realistic too.
How Would You Rule on This Claim?
Abstain. Use a hand diagram with all four hands and tell us what the contract is.
Second to last seed advances to round of 16
It depends on the objectives of seeding a KO field, of which I assume a major one is seeking to void having the top 8 or perhaps top 16 teams meeting each other too early. Being seeded 32 rather than not at all has the advantage that you won't ...
Ethical Dilemna to the Extreme
The "late play" system is stupid. If you miss a board you take an average. If you were the cause of the missed board you take an average minus. Simples.
Second to last seed advances to round of 16
How about seed the top 32 and then give those teams choice of opponents? Teams can pick "unknown" foreign teams at their own risk.
Ethical Dilemna to the Extreme
Thanks Christian. Can you tell us what a "late play" is?
Ethical Dilemna to the Extreme
I really don't understand the problem. If I'm reading this correctly, LHO opens 1NT and partner overcalls 2 and I've got a 13-count with primary support and you are thinking of flagging RHO's 2? Also, what is a "late play?
Another question about alerting when there's no agreement
Did NS pre-alert their 1 opening? Where's the duty to protect one's self here? Shouldn't North have some obligation to ask a few questions about the auction before he flags 5x?
Protecting the field?
Other - so I abstained. This is how I feel about it too - nothing wrong with doing something anti-percentage or "anti-field" in an attempt to get a top, but that not quite the same as "totally up to you". You can't, for example, start playing misere or psyche every hand ...

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