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David Thompson
David Thompson
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March 20, 2011
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May 15
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about me

National Youth Coordinator with the Australian Bridge Federation. Occasional BBO commentator. Please note that any comments, views and opinions expressed in my posts here are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the various organisations with which I'm associated be that by way of employment, membership, office holder or volunteer.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Beating Ish Del'Monte and my older brother in the final of the National Youth Teams in 1993.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won the 1993 Far East Youth Teams
Regular Bridge Partners
Jamie Thompson
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Am I rationalizing?
Particularly against weak opponents, I think it's good to get on the front foot and acknowledge the hesitation as soon as it happens. It wouldn't cross my mind to pass with shortage in , a solid suit and a likely well-placed K. I'd be more inclined ...
Score Adjustment in Berg v Lavazza
Well with that extra system info, it seems that South had his "take out double without 4" and I presume correctly described it as such to his screenmate who still chose to double 4, so it's hard to see how West could claim damage. Maybe it was ...
Score Adjustment in Berg v Lavazza
I'm very much guessing here, but I imagine what happened was South intended 1 as artificial as they probably have Dbl available to show . North perhaps thought 1 was natural so splintered with his stiff . I'm not really sure what South thought was going ...
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
I grew up reading Bird's books, particularly the Monks series, but I don't think anyone would seriously suggest that he's a top-level bridge analyst. As I understand it, many/most of the hands in his books were constructed by actual expert players and Bird would then write ...
WBF Response on Fantoni Eligibility
I butchered the quote. It's actually "Let's face it, you can't Torquemada anything". History of the World Part I, Mel Brooks 1981.
WBF Response on Fantoni Eligibility
He could torquemada anything.
Any way to retrieve match record in Vanderbilt?
Start a GoFundMe page to buy the ACBL a few dealing machines and some Bridgemates.
Bridge Down Under - Aussies Come Through Again!
I would encourage people to peruse the Gold Coast Congress website to get a taste of what they're missing.
Poll on the World Bridge Federation's involvement with the Olympic movement
NABCs are only open to members of the ACBL ... sure foreigners can join the ACBL reasonably easily but the ACBL can deny membership to people of ill-repute which I imagine is exactly what they will do if Fantunes ever re-applied to join the ACBL.
Poll on the World Bridge Federation's involvement with the Olympic movement
Sadly, bridge is not a recognised sport in my country, but having IOC recognition has absolutely been helpful for several of our representative youth players being able to get deferrals of exams or assignments at uni. There are many countries where bridge is recognised as a sport due to IOC ...

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