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David Wetzel
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July 9, 2014
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about me

Long ago, in a galaxy far away, my wife and I used to play a lot, and made token appearances in the lower flights of a couple of GNTs and NAPs and such.  Also managed to lose in the finals of the 0-750 knockouts at three straight Spring Nationals, which is harder to do than it sounds.


Then kids happened. 


Now we don't play much.


United States of America

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Mike Ma's bidding problem: AQJ82 Q Q87 AKT6
If the minors were reversed (so I opened 1D), I'd bid 3C now. But 3D seems too far, given that partner may well want to retreat to 3C after bidding 2S because of matchpointitis.
Checkback off by passed hand?
Counterpoint: why are you opening 1C with 11 when the most you can ever have is a low part score? To take up space?
ATB, or is bridge just too tough?
The issue is somewhat what happens here: it's a great bid if you could play it, but where you were making 3D, partner will usually raise.
ATB, or is bridge just too tough?
By the way, this is a great lesson hand for why you pass smoothly with a hand like West has here.
ATB, or is bridge just too tough?
Both are overbidders. Make Norths diamonds AKJxxxx (where I think everyone would bid) and game still is terrible.
Max Schireson's bidding problem: KT4 AKT8 Q83 KT8
With three spades, I’m roughly never passing. With three spades to two honors, never ever. I could be talked into 3NT working but normally I am a simple soul who plays our nine card fits in the major.
Permissible enquiry?
Similarly, if declarer has to proactively ask every conceivable question about style and such before the deal, we’d never get anywhere. This is why I think the people objecting to the timing of the inquiry are off base.
Your opinion about a very weak preempt
Seems like a sensible 2D at the vulnerability. If you can’t do that... 3D is pretty awful, IMO, but might work sometimes.
Passed Hand Jump Shift
If your third seat opener actually shows values, it’s possible.
Jim Perkins's bidding problem: QT853 T5 J95 T52
There’s light, and then there’s ... this. It’s a “light” 2S opener (ok, very light, which doesn’t mean I wouldn’t strongly consider it). I’d open 2S if North doesn’t look like they’ve finished counting.

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