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David Wetzel
David Wetzel
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July 9, 2014
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about me

Long ago, in a galaxy far away, my wife and I used to play a lot, and made token appearances in the lower flights of a couple of GNTs and NAPs and such.  Also managed to lose in the finals of the 0-750 knockouts at three straight Spring Nationals, which is harder to do than it sounds.


Then kids happened. 


Now we don't play much.


United States of America

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Who's the Offender?
Best two out of three?
Who's the Offender?
For the purpose of this rule, the offender is the one who didn't count his cards. Separate from that there may be procedural penalties against the clowns at the other table who couldn't put the cards back in the board.
Sleeping on the couch, again
Erm, uh, congratulations on qualifying. Book a suite instead of a room, just in case the hand repeats itself.
I still don't get this whole ethics thing
So, we know one of LHO or partner doesn't have their bid. Now, how do we know which one it is, if not for partner's table action?
Marc LaChapelle's bidding problem: KQ32 983 K5432 2
Fortunately, 2NT is forcing so we don't have to decide yet.
Gonzalo Guridi's bidding problem: ATx x AKJx KJTxx
Feels like plenty to reverse into 2D next round.
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: AJ742 J KQT764 Q
I'm fine with 2S on this shape and strength, but if you're not, maybe 3S is the call? Sometimes we get too high, but we always get to the right spot. (If 2S is a reverse and 3S is some sort of artificial something, your system is bad.)
Delayed spade overcall
I mean, honestly, at matchpoints, you might have said 3+ :) ... but I can see doing this with four, or with five and a bad suit in a hand that wasn't quite worth an overcall (say maybe 8xxxx xxx AJx Kx or something like that). If you'd overcall with ...
Sasha Cooper's bidding problem: 9842 KQJ AT96 QJ
I mean, I'm sorry, this is silly and not helpful Lynn, and these sorts of posts really need to stop. They're playing an 11.5-14 1NT opener. It has 13 HCP. If you want to look at other evaluators you can (K&R has it at 11.85, which is a touch lower than I expected, but it's still in range). Is your objection that you don't like 11.5-14 1NT opening range (in which case, too bad, that's the system; saying "play a different system" is ...
Another Ruling
Not hard! In that case you should assume it's a non-conventional meaning, since if it's a conventional meaning they're required to tell you. I suppose if someone in a national level event has just decided to invent a double of 4NT as a conventional bid with no ...

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