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David Wetzel
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July 9, 2014
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about me

Long ago, in a galaxy far away, my wife and I used to play a lot, and made token appearances in the lower flights of a couple of GNTs and NAPs and such.  Also managed to lose in the finals of the 0-750 knockouts at three straight Spring Nationals, which is harder to do than it sounds.


Then kids happened. 


Now we don't play much.


United States of America

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How do you adjudicate this claim?
Perhaps he was under the impression that the K was the Q. Regardless, after cashing a diamond and three clubs (a line consistent with declarer's claim) and being left with two losing spades, it doesn't matter where the A is, because that defender will also have a cashing ...
TD Ruling
No, but it's in the laws of probabilities.
TD Ruling
Any time I hear offenders say “sure we lied but declarer should have figured it out anyway” I start thinking about how to word the AWMW.
I apologize for this question
To be fair, a pre alert doesn’t pass any MI that I can think of, largely because outside of the period when cards are out of the board, there is no legal I about which one can M.
UI: What does it suggest? (Part 3)
Depends, would passing have resulted in down seven doubled?
I apologize for this question
How much not-length does it promise? I *think* the answer is "if 3+, say nothing, if 2 or less, alert". The director who said it's announceable would probably be rather less respected if people knew they said to announce.
Steven Gaynor's bidding problem: J52 K93 J52 J642
I’ll take the liberty of assuming partner knew their system somehow and their bid means what it’s supposed to. If I’m wrong, at least it will be a good lesson on one more reason that pause is supposed to be there.
An incredible bid my partner made
"They will be playing a 'hit-and-run' system which allows extremely light opening bids on hands with as little as 12 points and occasionally a trifle less. Since attack is the best defense, especially against artificial systems, it is expected that these powder-puff opening bids will often rob the Italians of ...
Find The Human
West is a human, motivated in his play by greed (should east have the diamond queen instead of the king, a misguess could be induced) and hubris (surely the lowly robot saw my signal).
Can a declarer ask what the contract is?
I think to interpret as Michael has, the comma would have to be differently placed, as in: declarer, or either defender at his turn to play ... It seems quite clear to me as written and generally interpreted.

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