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Sept. 30, 2015
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June 17
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You be the jury
The club play seems perfectly reasonable to me, put it another way, declarer is not going to be playing on a red suit, (let E/W do that) and keeping East in the dark about the spade position can only benefit declarer. A low club off dummy also works well ...
useful void
I don't see how having agreed hearts, exclusion for spades could be used as presumably a 4 bid would always be a cue, we never cue a shortage in partner's main suit
A suicidal transfer break
That would be sensible if East thought West would be on the same wavelength because E/W are relatively new partnership and this would be not have been discussed, likewise East bidding 4H direct, would this be taken as transfer to spades
What does partner have?
Unless 2 is conventional, why show a 4 card suit in this sequence when presumably 1NT denies 4 spades, so surely 2 shows 5+ spades and with 6-4 as DB above
Jump Cue Bid after Negative Double
5 exclusion was indeed the bid found by my partner, but as you say how can you name the trump suit, our responses to Exclusion show number of controls using standard A=2,K=1 in steps with 1st step = 0/1, so this should have been sufficient to ...
Guess or Explain
I'd be looking to run the 9 next covering any card West might play if necessary. I don't mind losing the lead to RHO as they can't hurt me, if RHO has a 2nd heart, I'll win the ace and play another club intending to ...
Diego Ramirez's bidding problem: 8 AKT9854 KQ87 J
I abstained, why didn't we open 4H
English tournament entries
Well I for one would go back to Eastbourne, I think it's quite nice for a seaside town. I went for a walk along the pier and the beach this morning, very relaxing, my partner even went for a swim in the sea but he's a mad Latvian ...
USBC QF Segment 1 - ATB: Defense at trick one
why can't South's hand be AK Axx AQxx K1095 and playing the Q looks normal in an attempt to cut communications in the defence to prevent the club ruff
Play 4!S
I'd be inclined to discard a club on the KH and play Ace and another spade. You can set up a club winner for a diamond discard later, but ruffing the 2nd round of clubs might be a safer route back to hand to draw the last trump when ...
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