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David Yates
David Yates
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July 29, 2010
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United States of America

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Favorite Tournaments
Any big team KO. Trials, Vandy, Spingold. ("And summer's lease hath all too short a date")
Favorite Conventions
Ones partner actually understands
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Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Bridge Still is Not a Sport
Bass Fishing is an organized sport. Pretty sure that most of it is performed sitting or standing. Kevin VanDamm's career earnings are close to $6M. (Proving I should have taken up fishing and not cards. I suppose).
The ACBL's (Secret?) Arbitration Agreement
Thank you for the info, Ray.
ATB vs 4NT
East was playing partner to have diamond card plus Q. This would be 100% at teams because that is what you need partner to hold for a set. I think it was probably overly optimistic at MP. But perhaps E thought S did not have a clear route for ...
Bridge Still is Not a Sport
The ACBL's (Secret?) Arbitration Agreement
Dear Ray, I need an another option: “huh?” My training in the law is more or less like Mr Bumble's – I know what makes sense. I am wondering how a required agreement to binding arbitration is enforceable. In Tom Brady vs. Ego & Bad/Sci (not a Pats or Brady ...
An unofficial poll on the double-blitz rule
Another R.A. (add Austria to the list) with more sensible rules than ours. I like the rule as it prevents nefarious collusion as well as teams from leaving after the second round. (Not the team you think). Your team just got blitzed in Rd1 and now you get paired ...
Why play a Big !C or Precision?
One reason Precision was popular in the '70s because it was one of the few alternatives that was legal in ACBLand. That and with a few tweaks - change the NT range, make 2 6+, drop the silly asking bids - and it is an easy, natural effective system. The other ...
An unofficial poll on the double-blitz rule
I agree that the rule is correct for the reasons that you stated. However, despite making all sorts of other mistakes, I never sat in the wrong direction in a team match, so I never even thought about it until the Denver Episode. It does seem odd given the 60-40 ...
The problem with polling
Polling has increasingly become a problem given today's propensity to replace thinking with a poll result. The original purpose of “peer group” in the language was to spare good players from TDs who were not. In MI/UI cases the crux is whether that MI/UI “could have” been ...
What are your agreements?
If X denies a strong stopper (or perhaps any, I suppose) then you need a rebid to show a hand with a stopper but anti-positional. This right-sides NT when opener is something like Qx and responder is Kxx or Axx. Or even Kx with opener opposite Qxx. So that would ...

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