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David Yates
David Yates
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July 29, 2010
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about me

Tried to follow "Mom's First Rule of Bridge" since I started learning this game.  ("No one cares if you are good or bad, don't be slow")

I walk the dogs a lot - just not in the bidding.  Do not get to the NABCs or Trials enough because life interferes with bridge.

United States of America

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Favorite Tournaments
Any big team KO. Trials, Vandy, Spingold. ("And summer's lease hath all too short a date")
Favorite Conventions
Ones partner actually understands
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Gold Life Master
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ATB-aggressive game (matchpoints) down 1
50:50 :)
Learn Precision in 15 minutes
There was a time I would agree wholeheartedly, but then. . . . . .I had a student who was a smart guy, avid bridge player, decent card player and not such a good bidder. He had places on both coasts. We were playing after he spent a weekend in California and he asked ...
Bridge Winners is Depressing
It is an option but it would mean that declarer likely made a little mistake at T1 in ducking with the lead from KJ107 or a big mistake in ducking if declarer had A10xx. I was South so perhaps the error was possible :)
I still don't get this whole ethics thing
Disagree and immaterial to the point. If this hand came up in some context that there was absolutely no table action (screens or online) the decision becomes a choice of (a) you are wrong that it was M/M (b) N psyched the 1NT or (c) partner was wrong/misbid ...
I still don't get this whole ethics thing
This whole ethics thing I think I get. Why anyone thinks 3 shows a 5503 (or 4405) moose when LHO opened a 15-17 NT and you have 14 HCP with major holdings indicating partner's "majors" are spotty as well is beyond me. Either North psyched the 1NT to ...
What does this bid mean?
Often, the commentary associated with a choice prevents me from selecting an option. But (FWIW) I do also agree that last train is a decided overstatement of the value of this hand. A 5 LT bid makes sense if 5 is a slam try denying a spade control ...
It is not clear to me that 'no' is the correct answer. The final part of L23A (hereinafter WT?) states " or 3. has the same purpose (e.g. an asking bid or a relay) as that attributable to the withdrawn call. " It seems to me that 2NT Leb to sign-off ...
Bridge Winners is Depressing
What I know about the club finesse is not whether it works or fails, but that I do not need it. There is no useful discard. So a winning hook only matters if RHO has Jxxx because they cannot tap you. But if you are worried about the tap ...
Bridge Winners is Depressing
I didn't think I did either :)
How do you play this bid?
It is a support-X with three-card support for partner's pass. The other ten cards should be useful. For me, this is a good 4-6 hand.

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