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David Yates
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July 29, 2010
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Any big team KO. Trials, Vandy, Spingold. ("And summer's lease hath all too short a date")
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Ones partner actually understands
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Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: Axx K987 T98 Qxx
Double is fine because Steve has a partner who can give the 3-3 a go :) I think X is a better bet hoping that partner wont be snookered by a double than to be stuck guessing if partner reopens with a X. And if, b/c pass by opener might ...
Familiar face in a Chessbase article...
A very respectable 4.
Do you spend too much time playing bridge?
I am sure that some people have too much fun. The Harris team probably felt like they played too much bridge at some point a couple weeks week ago. I bet now they only want to play more bridge next time.
Implications of the missing board 16
Bridge is the only true sport because where ever other timed activity believes that hours, minutes and seconds are absolute measurements, in bridge, time is always relative. However, where bridge and Einstein diverge is predicting time dilation. Einstein set down some very specific math that will accurately forecast this phenomena ...
Implications of the missing board 16
It is known, but less well known than one would think. Where this comes up often is in Swiss teams because often these days they are usually 6-board matches. Your table assignment will determine the board number sequence. That sequence will determine which partner is dealer twice and which once ...
Reporting your team's renege
Arrgh. Do not agree in the slightest with the “now happily retired” director. (Though I can fully understand why he would not miss directing.) The main problem with these sorts of situations is how people frame “ethics”. There are three forms of morality: moral, immoral and amoral. To demonstrate how ...
Something unusual ...
I have always played this as GI+ in spades, but answer should be 4+ spades since responder's hand is not suitable for defense. In thinking about other responses, the definition should probably be expanded that it could include FG unsuitable for double (never had that) and some interesting 0670 ...
ATB .. partner opened 3S, what spade support is needed to bid 3NT?
West's construct begs the question of why his partner would lead a diamond from J10xx instead of a club from QJ9x. Plus with J108x the J would have hit the table. West is defending basically only one of many, many hands. I am OK with 2 lead, West has ...
Reporting your team's renege
Just for the record Ed, we might still like you if you were :)
How to play trumps ?
For the record, A from AK does not (or at least should not) apply at the 5-level. In a vacuum, double finesse is better %. But there is plenty of air here. You cannot pickup KQxx (though unlikely b/c W might have bid over 5). You cannot repeat the ...

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