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July 29, 2010
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Any big team KO. Trials, Vandy, Spingold. ("And summer's lease hath all too short a date")
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Ones partner actually understands
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Bowling Along 8 - Slip Sliding Away
I really enjoyed your articles. I know you and the team wanted to make the next level of the top eight. We wanted you guys in there, too. But mostly, we would have rather have gone to Lyon ourselves. Thanks to your articles, you brought Lyon to us.
Why are there round robins in the World Team Championships?
Yeah, I want to travel halfway around the world to compete for two whole days because we drew France or USA1 in the first round . The problem with a KO is the draw. The RR solves that issue. Also, this is a world championship and there is benefit to every ...
Forgive and forget?
There is only a small difference between democracy in action and democracy inaction. Yet the difference in effect can be huge. IMO, it would be better for players to gain control of the existing structures. You wont see an organization displace the ACBL without first uniting all the local clubs ...
Gianarrigo Rona re-elected WBF President
Ra might not be a bridge player then.
Off the rails again
I hate 4th suit game forcing with 4M support. This hand is a poster-child for some of the things that can go wrong. I prefer to play XYZ. Some day I might have a hand that causes me to regret not being able to play exactly 2. (OK, that ...
Raises to five of the agreed major suit?
Tired?! Guess those midnight Swiss days are gone forever. Anyway, thanks for posting this, it is useful stuff. I am going to add that if the opponents have bid 3 suits, 5M is to play :)
The 5 level belongs to: __________
Because there is always "other". This can be forcing. However, the answer to all "is (*not should) this forcing" questions is never without specific discussion. Michael Rosenberg opined in one of these "forcing?" threads that he believed most pairs would be better off if they never heard the term "forcing ...
How would you rule?
I abstained simply because I do not believe the OP has quite enough information to satisfy me. (The rest of the hand, contract, bidding and lead conventions are virtually never immaterial). I can see a case for ruling either way, the main factor would be the players involved. It seems ...
If you play professionally
OTOH, if you do not put European & World championships into the "fun" category, perhaps you forgot why you started playing. I think the primary motivation for most in not wanting to play for free is that without a sponsor, these two week events become an expensive (albeit fun) busman's ...
Regulation of Strong 2C opening bid
OTOH, I doubt Larry Cohen would never even consider opening 2 on the second ACBL example hand: AKQ1098 / J109876 / 4 / -- What the ACBL has done is write a regulation to defines a player’s right to be stupid and obstructive but not to be creative and obstructive. How this ...

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