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David Yates
David Yates
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July 29, 2010
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about me

Tried to follow "Mom's First Rule of Bridge" since I started learning this game.  ("No one cares if you are good or bad, don't be slow")

I walk the dogs a lot - just not in the bidding.  Do not get to the NABCs or Trials enough because life interferes with bridge.

United States of America

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Favorite Tournaments
Any big team KO. Trials, Vandy, Spingold. ("And summer's lease hath all too short a date")
Favorite Conventions
Ones partner actually understands
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Gold Life Master
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Was this ruling correct?
Other. There is also the issue of South using UI. 2NT is forcing over a WJS as it is GI, so South gets either a lecture or a PP.
ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
Other, cue Mr. Bumble.
A curiosity
My experience has been that it is often beneficial to avoid 2-suited overcalls when the higher ranking suit is longer and the hand is not good enough for a second bid. Partner always preferences the lower ranking suit with 2-2. Even when partner is 2-3, the 6-2 is less likely ...
A curiosity
Not the military definition of "fire and forget" but these situations seem to crop up at the table.
The books and records bridge players write lives after them; the annoying personality traits are oft interred with their bones. Thus more popular in the casket than at the table.
Comedy of errors: how do you straighten it out?
Typical club stuff. North asks about 3 in an auction that he was never competing, but - not surprisingly - wants the suit led. So I have no idea whether to criticize South for the silly diamond lead against a notrump slam into the 2NT opening bidder, commend South for not ...
How would you bid this hand differently?
Some of the bidding choices can be ascribed to "style". Dino-style is 2, not 1. Stegosaurus wins here, though one iteration does not prove a style. The choice of responses is stylistic. I prefer a systemic 2/1 with four spades. For me 1-; then 4th ...
Should we have taken the push?
"...nobody ever hesitates at the club unless they have something to think about." This is basically true. Tempo issues are far worse now that they repealed the stop card. But the worse part is now the offenders claim the ten seconds was "required" and the non-offenders have no recourse.
handling interference over our 1NT opening
I am going out on a limb to suggest this could be an issue" "We haven't had huge discussion of exactly what such negative doubles show" And if you haven't discussed what it shows, you have not discussed continuations either. If 2NT is two places to play, you ...
Open Letter to ACBL Board of Directors -- Housing Bureau, NABC Rooms, Montreal Summer NABC
I didn't reserve because it was Vegas. Rooms, food, beverage and money is free in Vegas. (Then they kick you out.)

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