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Dawn Ligon
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June 12, 2014
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Marketing Director, Bridge with Larry Cohen

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Vintage Bridge Tallies
Mark, Hello. Other than loving bridge items and buying when I think something’s very cute or interesting or a bargain I‘m not sure I know a lot. Like your other commenters stated, holiday tallies, unused sets, ones with Disney characters (because of Disney collectors), unusual shapes (I have ...
Complaints at clubs/bridge anywhere.
All time favorite complaint: overheard just before start of tournament game “I’m so furious! Yesterday a lady came to play and she was sick and gave me this cold,” sniff sniff.
Complaints at clubs/bridge anywhere.
On my children’s first day of pre-school they were taught a life-long mantra. “You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.” Seriously folks, sometimes just let it go. You’ll be happier. Also, dress in layers. It’s stylish and practical.
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
Mark, And so it goes. This whole problem started with lack of communication. As do many easily avoidable problems in life. I can’t imagine your disappointment. I feel for everyone involved. But mostly the winning errr losing team.
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
Directors do not get paid nearly enough. If someone is paying a “pro(s)” to play with them, should their card fees be higher? Maybe in some games they are, please correct me if true. I’m just thinking if you can afford a pro, you can afford higher card ...
Repeat Locations for Nationals
No problem. It gave me a laugh when you corrected it. Thanks. A
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
I think in the first thread the current winning team was quoted as saying they played their game based on knowing how the scoring was going to be applied. So that’s where I got that idea. If the DIC didn’t know which VP scale was going to be ...
Repeat Locations for Nationals
Ray, Hello. This was my first attempt at writing an article or poll for BW. So I’m not going to fault myself for it not being perfect. Phil Clayton was the first to suggest I have more poll options but he accidentally wrote “Damn, please add the option of ...
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
I have a Question...from posted letter above...The DIC’s application of the wrong VP scale was corrected that evening. Here’s my question: If the DIC didn’t know the scoring method to be used, then how could this have been a fair competition?
Repeat Locations for Nationals
Alan. You seem to be the one person who has experience with something like far. I’ve negotiated hotel contracts many times. It’s been my experience that the first time takes many many hours. The second time, 30 minutes. And the hotel knows our needs and can ...

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