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Dawn Ligon
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June 12, 2014
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April 13
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Marketing Director, Bridge with Larry Cohen

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They open one club 'could be short' and you have 5+ clubs, how do you introduce the suit?
1C (could be short) 2C=natural overcall and 1C (promising 3 cards) 2C=Michaels
Can the Defenders Require Dummy To Stay At The Table?
It appears that there is one law (Mike Found) 74C - dummy can't "needlessly" leave their seat. So it is at the descretion of the TD to decide what is needless. All of the other pieces of information (loss of rights and excuse yourself politely, etc.) are coming from the ...
Can the Defenders Require Dummy To Stay At The Table?
Does this come close to answering the question?:
Open Reno Discussion Thread
Am I reading this correctly? It appears that it's not Reno with the problem but SFO!
Open Reno Discussion Thread
As I mentioned below, I lived in Reno for 15 years. Never, Never did i consider driving to Sac for the airport. I80 can be very problematic with the snow and/or skiers coming in from the Bay Area. Wind can be an issue for Reno -- but it really is ...
Open Reno Discussion Thread
I lived in Reno for 15 years of my adult life (not currently). I can tell you that it is a wonderful town to live in with amazing people. Many believe it is the best place in the world to live and many from northern California move there for their ...
Back to the Future
Jeff, I think those are valid points. I know little about this program but wish that it had been offered when I was in school or when my kids were in school. If you're interested and haven't already read it, I found this article had lots of good ...
Back to the Future
Ray, I'm sorry I didn't mean to say that ACBL isn't providing 90% of what is needed for this program. But I did note when researching it (months ago) that they were missing what I thought were a couple key components--bidding boxes, boards. I see they do ...
Back to the Future
I'm a newer player and there are a couple of things that I have noticed which might help retain new players. 1. If you learned bridge from your family or in college, you are lucky. You were indoctrinated into this game in a great way. If you went to ...
Larry Cohen starts series of articles on bridge ethics
Michael, Hello. You're possibly using an older browser. Those won't work on the new site. So download a new version of whatever browser you like and try it. If that's not your problem, please private message me and I'll try to help further.
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