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Dean Strachan
Dean Strachan
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Aug. 13, 2013
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March 18, 2018
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bridge player

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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Crouch and Cope Win Silodor Pairs
Dean Strachan's lead problem: AQT87 8543 --- AJ75
What is the logic behind leading an ace?
Dean Strachan's bidding problem: AQT87 8543 --- AJ75
You should try friendliness Gregory, I haven't played much bridge in years & was curious (my partner is a smart noob and wanted to know) if the lead directing/5-3 fit finding merits of 1s outweighed the 4-4 fit finding merits of double. It (coincidentally) transpired that the opponents landed ...
Dean Strachan's lead problem: Q2 AJ642 Q632 KJ
The actual winning lead (Q) was *really* hard to find.
Gender Standard for ACBL Events
Men are excluded from Women's events.
The Videos Shout: Balicki-Zmudzinski
John, firstly you're assuming that every PBU member has equal influence on the actions of the PBU. That's clearly false. Secondly how is your argument different from someone who justifies some sort of anti-Americanism based on them electing, say, George Bush or Obama or whoever? Russia with Putin ...
Khokan Bagchi's bidding problem: AQT932 AK85 76 4
Disqualifying the guy who bid 4d is a better ruling than letting 6s stand.
Bridge after Deep Finesse
You're basically saying you want to write Jack.
Does the Bridge community want Gambling?
I'm going to post this in the 'modest proposal' thread but I envisage something a la coverage of big chess tournaments where there's a host, studio analysts and the coverage pops from table to table depending on what's interesting. Bridge won't get the coverage of poker ...
A Modest Proposal
If the organisers decided France and China they wouldn't need to play off. I'm just throwing out an example. I didn't think I implied there's a difference between the Bermuda Bowl winner and runner up. Again, I'm just throwing out examples. As for the Canada ...

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