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Deb Dhar
Deb Dhar
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April 27, 2014
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Deb Dhar's lead problem: 3 52 KQT76 KQT65
I led K - diamonds were so much stronger than clubs. Dummy had J9xx and 9xxx; the contract made. Partner had Jx and declarer had Ax. However, K lead would not have worked either because 9 became a stopper. The reason for my post was to find out if there is ...
Deb Dhar's bidding problem: KQ2 3 T732 QT852
This hand came up in Flight A GNT district final. I did not want to commit to 3 level on which could be 7 cards trumps fit. I bid 1NT at the table. Partner, holding AJTx AKTx J98x K, raised to 3NT. After a heart lead, the contract went down ...
Deb Dhar's bidding problem: KQ2 3 T732 QT852
Edited: Inverted minor.
Matchpoint Defense Problem
It compresses heart tricks to one when partner has Qx and declarer has 9xx.
Play this slam
Michael: I meant discarding on A. You are right. I do not have enough entries to take two heart finesse unless I discard on A and take club finesse too. Suppose LHO wins the second spade and leads back a club. I have to finesse clubs at that ...
Play this slam
I do not need both and finesse. I discard a on A. Lead A followed by Q. If RHO wins and does not have a spade to exit with, I can finesse twice and discard two clubs on hearts. If LHO wins and leads back a ...
NABC results of Blue Team members
David Goldfarb's bidding problem: K53 KJ964 KT62 3
My understanding is that I am supposed to assume partner knows our system and just forgot to alert in this situation. So, I will take partner's 3 as long and strong and 2 cards or less in . I raised partner telling I have and ...
David Goldfarb's bidding problem: K53 KJ964 KT62 3
I sometime have problem with UI and AI in these type of situations. Suppose partner announced "transfer" and bid 3. Would that show in your system? You raised to 4 - telling partner you have and . Partner, who could have signed off in 4, instead ...
Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
John: North had 18 HCP and a singleton A in the opponent's suit. If North thought South had 7 HCP and a good 6 cards support, North might have bid 3 NT. North could also give a raise to 4. North's initial pass is consistent with ...

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