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Deb Dhar
Deb Dhar
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April 27, 2014
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LHO wins 10 with K and gives RHO a club ruff. RHO crosses over to LHO with J and over-ruffs dummy's 8 with 9.
You be the judge - a missed slam with tricks to spare!
4 was kickback for
Speedball Claim
@Steve: I wrote about Show-up sequeeze up thread. However, show-up sequeeze is not required. South has only red cards to lead at trick 8. If South leads hearts and North shows out, East has full counts of the hand. North has 3 spades, 1 hearts, 6 clubs and then 3 ...
Speedball Claim
Counts in clubs are known. South has ruffed a club on trick 2. North has 6 cards in club. Whether South leads a diamond or hearts at trick 8 East will have complete count of the hand. If South returns a heart the East wins in hand East could play ...
Your Play to win 9 Tricks?
Ken - Yes. I do not want RHO to gain leads early and clear spades. Other than K and J RHO must have another K. Assuming RHO has 6 spades LHO cannot lead spades. My line could open up too many heart tricks for LHO.
Your Play to win 9 Tricks?
If RHO has J and K, RHO will clear spades after winning with J. Then we are going down. If we are leading diamonds at trick 2, it is better to lead Q. LHO cannot lead spades after winning with K. If RHO wins and leads a spade win with ...
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
@RichardW: By "snooping" I meant looking into partner's hand. Double dummy would have been looking at all four hands.
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
"they always lead from short suits against 3NT" My observation is - Not always - most of the time.
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
@PetterB: It was not just once. Here is another example: I reached 3NT against silent Robots. LHO led 8x shortest suit and hit RHO with AKTxxx. Yes - that bidding would not happen in human game since RHO would made some noises with that suit. My long suit did not run ...
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
I have been playing a lot on BBO of late. I think Robots snoops into partner's hand and defends double dummy. Here is an example - don't remember the full hand: LHO had Kxxxx Axxxx RHO had Axxxx x. Robots bid up to 5 and I bid 5 ...

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