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Deb Dhar
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April 27, 2014
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LO Wins Roth Swiss
The Lovely Bidding( then how to play)
South holding a singleton might have led that suit
Nordic Youth
If K loses and they cash 3 diamonds ending in West's hand I doubt if West will lead a spade. West does not know that I have singleton A. West will probably shift to a . After that, I need either heart or club hook - 76% success. If West ...
Nordic Youth
The same line. I would play K on the first trick though.
Plan your play7
If we play A and Heart towards the queen and if the trumps are 3-1 off side North will pull two rounds of trump leaving only one trump left dummy. South will lead a spade when in with a diamond forcing us to ruff. The defense will get at least ... had findhes
Greg: I agree with you 100%. Ducking the first club has less to gain when you give up on the possibility of 3-3 clubs break. It did not seem the right play to me. That is why I commented that one might play differently on a forum hand. had findhes
I guess my attempt at some humor was not … My comment “you play differently from obvious line of play at the table” was specifically aimed at ducking the first club. I was responding to Greg Lawler’s comment, which was deleted later. Greg asked why I would give up the ... had findhes
Greg: I was responding to Rohit and Michael's comment on ducking a club. I did not see your comment. West might not want to lead into declarer's strong suits - Clubs and Hearts. So, West might lead diamonds from J fourth spades and Q. I will play clubs from ... had findhes
It is MP and giving up on 3-3 s does not make sense. However, we might want to come up to Q1095 J opposite AK3 10 8 with the lead in the declarer's hand. When we lead 8 either opponent with 4=4 majors get squeezed. Additional benefit of ...
Deb Dhar's bidding problem: 97542 Q3 J7 KJ73
I did not want to risk a negative score in MP and passed at the table. I would have bid 4 in IMP. Partner was not happy when I put down this dummy. He made 5 and we got a near zero. His hand was A AJT8753 K86 A5 ...

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