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Deb Dhar
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April 27, 2014
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Hand from Gatlinberg KO’s
I will play K, A, J, A. If trumps are splitting 3-2 then play K, A, Q - discarding two spades on hearts. Now try ruffing spade and diamond with small trumps - assuming everything went fine - and finally, high cross ruff. If East ruffs the fourth heart and leads spades, play ...
You be the commentator
@Richard - Agree. 10 will hold a lot of time. @Gordon: If you cash KQ before leading 10 - I think - you can untangle everything on a spade return. Spade hook has to work. Suppose, West wins and lead backs a spade and East covers you can win with A. Play A ...
Continuing on Squeeze Semantics
BBO Robots does not like to lead a suit with major honors - unless off course, it is a sequence. Always leads from short suits.
Play 6NT
Two lines of play from here. Line 1: Clubs from the top. Unblock K – Q drops singleton 2%. Cash A. K drops from East 13% - assuming West did not duck from Kx. Clear Clubs. Finesse Diamonds later. (50%) 2+ 98*13+ 85*50 = 58% If West ducked from Kx add ...
How do you play 6!C
Cash A and K. Lead to A. Back to hand with K. Lead Q and discard the last . RHO, if ruffs the third round, will be forced to lead a red suit - most likely. I get to ruff 5. If LHO ruffs third round of over-ruff and ...
How do you play 6!C
I have 6 winners in side suits. I think - I'm not sure about %s - it is better to cash A and K after unblocking K. If clubs are 3-2 I have 12 tricks. If the clubs are 4-1 I need the Q to cash or s established.
English selection problem - EBU response
A lot of tournaments in Mumbai are held in multi-sports/games clubs – at least, used to in late 1980-s when I lived there (then Bombay) and played in some of those games. These clubs (Gymkhana as they are called in India) had a restaurant and a bar on premises. It ...
Deb Dhar's bidding problem: 9xx Txx 9xx Jxxx
Exactly. IMO, I showed no values at all. He might have thought I showed 4 cards in by bidding 1. I would have bid 1 without a 4 cards major. Suppose the opener bid 1 instead of . Now I would bid 1 with 3 ...
Deb Dhar's bidding problem: 9xx Txx 9xx Jxxx
I must admit that I bid 1. I have seen my partners, including this one, doubles with 4=4=2=3 pattern even with a minimum. The partner went on raising a couple times and we reached a contract of 3. His hand was Axx AJxx KQxxx x ...
Defensive problem
K. That might set up a trump trick or two for partner.

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