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Sept. 27, 2017
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Declarer thoughts
I like your analysis very much. The only disagreement is with the diamond k not being a factor in the bidding..west might not have doubled without some sort of iinsurance since the heart ace may not cash on the bidding. Add this to your analysis and perhaps declarer may ...
To Split Or Not To Split
Kit, Wishing u all the best.
Board 3 Day 1 Session 1 LM Pairs
I know I can't become LM ever but I feel that since bridge without active ethics is not a playable game particularly at the LM level , first south was wrong in playing back a spade because of UI, second since imo south should not have played back a spade ...
Blind spot
Very educative hand. Looks like a play problem straight from Reese books. It's a pity that you couldn't get a proper diagram. I am sure many more would have enjoyed the hand.
Questions about bridge terms
Foolish or Brilliant?
If we assume that south has gambled on the slam missing a trump honour then it seems that he counted 5trumps + 2hearts +1diamond + 4 clubs when trying for the slam. In which case east should not duck the heart finesse.
KASLE is Senior USA1
Yes kits line of play indicates that he would have got it.
KASLE is Senior USA1
Congratulations. I particularly liked kits 6H bid yesterday on board 9 and of course Bramleys pass. Lovely.Well played too.
Very well told and fwiw though in some cases I would like to see a harsh punishment my general feelings towards the cheats have been mirrored very well here.
5-5 Major Hand After Partner Opens 2NT
Thanks. If I may presume your indulgence I am trying to set up a 2/1 system with my partner and would be grateful for your help. I would like to send you emails if you permit. My email id is Regards Paul
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