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Debbie Rosenberg
Debbie Rosenberg
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Oct. 9, 2010
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about me

It's hard for me to believe, but I've been a professional bridge player and teacher for over 30 years. Along with Michael Rosenberg, our then 14-year-old son Kevin, and my mom, Judy Zuckerberg, in 2011 I moved from NY to the Bay Area of California. 

While I've always enjoyed seeing young people learn bridge, in 2013 youth bridge become my passion.  That year I became a mentor and organizer in the USBF Junior training program, and co-founded a youth bridge organization in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley Youth Bridge.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Kevin at 9 playing duplicate with his great-grandmother, my Grandma Leah. Any memory of discussing or playing bridge with Rev Murthy
Bridge Accomplishments
World Junior Team Champion 1991; Cavendish Teams 1st place 1993; World Women's Pairs 1st 2002; Venice Cup 1st place 2007; Reisinger 3rd 2008; IBPA awards for Best Bid hand of the year with JoAnna Stansby in both 2006 and 2010 ; IBPA Sportmanship Award in 2012; Grand National Teams 2nd 2016; Grand National Teams 1st 2017; World Mixed Teams 1st place 2018; Teaching some of my students to COUNT
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Palo Alto Bridge Center in Mountain View, California (ACBL Unit 503); Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Youth Bridge
Favorite Conventions
Splinters, because they allow you to play the hand in the bidding
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Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: AJ863 A43 76 QJ6
Kyle, you didn't ask for comments on the earlier auction, so I'm not sure if you want them. If so, please ask. This could be a good opportunity for us all to discuss continations after reverses, which is a difficult area of bidding.
Kayden Ge's bidding problem: T2 A AKJ9832 K86
Charlie, in the diagram Kayden has E bidding 3. You and Kayden were N-S. I am confused. Who was who and what was your exact entire auction to 6?
Kayden Ge's bidding problem: T2 A AKJ9832 K86
Good point, Joe. The op says 3 sets a game force, so that sounds like a clear agreement for the purpose of voting on this problem, but others may not have that agreement. I often have in my system notes "3 level response in competition is game forcing unless ...
Kayden Ge's bidding problem: T2 A AKJ9832 K86
I held the North hand against two members of this forum, Finn Kolesnik and Yul Inn. The auction was different, and I don't want to give any spoilers yet. I'll comment tomorrow unless Finn or Yul beats me to it. Fun to discuss a board a bunch of ...
Brandon Ge's bidding problem: A7 J7 AKQ8743 A7
Good point, Michael. Yes, I was assuming 2 didn't promise a rebid. In my mind, that would be the default assumption - it would require a specific agreement to be sure that it did promise a rebid. It is definitely worthwhile for partnerships to know which followups are forcing ...
Brandon Ge's bidding problem: A7 J7 AKQ8743 A7
I agree with both 1 and 3. I don't see any reasonable alternative to 3.
Sarah Youngquist's bidding problem: A5 AJT 9643 T986
Thank you for clarifying that.
Brian Zhang's bidding problem: J84 72 Q KQJ9862
Brian, please edit the article. If it's too much trouble to change the diagram, at least write a note explaining what the auction is.
Matchgame: Lead vs. NT from xxx in partner's suit
While there is no right answer on this, as can be seen from the voting most experts prefer to lead low in this situation. My main purpose in posting this is to avoid either of the following post mortems from our regular partnerships: "I was sure you had an honor ...
Matchgame: Lead vs. NT from xxx in partner's suit
Good questions, Sean! I'd been hoping some Smith aficionados would take a stab at them, but after a week I'm giving up on that:) While I play Smith sometimes, I'm not a big fan, largely due to more than 30 years of headaches over questions like yours ...

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