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Debbie Rosenberg
Debbie Rosenberg
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Oct. 9, 2010
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about me

It's hard for me to believe, but I've been a professional bridge player and teacher for about 30 years. Along with Michael Rosenberg, our now 19-year-old son Kevin, and my mom, Judy Zuckerberg, in 2011 I moved from NY to the Bay Area of California. When not teaching bridge, I'm often enjoying hiking with new friends in this beautiful weather, while Michael stays home to write comments on Bridge Winners articles.

While I've always enjoyed seeing young people learn bridge, in 2013 youth bridge become my passion.  I am now a mentor in the USBF Junior training program, and have co-founded an organization to teach bridge in schools in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley Youth Bridge.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Kevin at 9 playing duplicate with his great-grandmother, my Grandma Leah. Any memory of discussing or playing bridge with Rev Murthy
Bridge Accomplishments
World Junior Team Champion 1991; Cavendish Teams 1st place 1993; World Women's Pairs 1st 2002; Venice Cup 1st place 2007; Reisenger Teams 3rd Place 2008; IBPA awards for Best Bid hand of the year with JoAnna Stansby in both 2006 and 2010 ; IBPA Sportmanship Award in 2012. Teaching some of my students to COUNT
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Palo Alto Bridge Center in Mountain View, California (ACBL Unit 503); Founder, Silicon Valley Youth Bridge
Favorite Conventions
Splinters, because they allow you to play the hand in the bidding
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Grand Life Master
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Alerting after partner has failed to alert?
Thanks, Roland. I probably wouldn't have even argued with your "generally", but Ed's "always" was too much for me to let go.
Alerting after partner has failed to alert?
To take it to the extreme, the whole setup of partner alerting and explaining, as opposed to our explaining our own bids to the opponents, seems to me to prioritize avoiding the transmission of UI over giving opps correct info. I'm not suggesting that there is any question about ...
Alerting after partner has failed to alert?
The rule that defenders are not allowed to correct MI given by partner, until after the play is completed, seems to me to be a situation where higher priority is placed on avoiding transmission of UI to partner. In fact, one could argue that the whole policy of not correcting ...
Toronto NABC Reservations Now Open (Sold Out?)
Whoa, this is how rumors get started. I just checked the schedule and Toronto will be on the normal 1 and 7:30 schedule. 10 and 3 has been done only a handful of times. I've never seen 1 and 7 for nationals. Back when I started playing it ...
Plan the Play 6N IMPS
I meant that you may be able to take 13 tricks if the K appears, so it's better to lead from hand, planning to duck if the King does not appear. Obviously you won't duck when it does appear. Ducking the second spade allows you to make whenever ...
Sophomore Blues
I have not spoken to him today, yet I have a feeling that one of Max's most treasured bridge successes just happened a couple of hours ago: Max and his 11-year daughter scored 64.58%, beating out several much more experienced pairs ...
Plan the Play 6N IMPS
@Aloke, I may not be understanding you, or I may not have expressed myself clearly. I'm not sure what you are saying, so I'm not sure how to answer you. I will try to be clearer. The line I was focusing on was as follows: - Start by leading ...
Sophomore Blues
Oh boy did I sympathize with you on that one. Playing bridge less than 2 years, you open 1 on an 8-card suit. LHO overcalls 2 Michaels. Partner jumps to 4. You're pretty sure that's supposed to be a splinter, promising 4-card spade support and ...
Sophomore Blues
How would that help with this situation, Ed?
Sophomore Blues
At least as importantly, we play Minorwood only in very specific situations, almost all of which include a minor having been bid and raised. I can't have folks thinking I'm condoning loosey-goosey, accident prone Minorwood:)

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