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Dee Harley
Dee Harley
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Sept. 17, 2015
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April 11
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I play that 2NT shows a stronger hand (maybe not that great after having passed the 1NT) enquiring as to the minor suit and general strength, but with a weaker hand I would bid 3♣ (pass/correct).
Favorite Hand from World Junior Championships in China
I think the key to reading the lead is see which card West plays on the second club. When he follows with the 7, then he is likely to have led from Q75 or Q875, (and presumably not 5 7 doubleton).
An Unlucky Board
Its a bit unclear what happened at the other table...that apart its very readable. I enjoyed it.
Find that Ace
I like 3 - fit showing. Switch partner's majors and adjust a little and the spade game is on. You Direct the lead should they dare to bid 3NT, and you show that you are willing to go to 4. To me - that's perfect!
Please Rank your Top 3 Favorite systems played by you
1. I like the sound of (but have never tried) the Phantom club, where the first bidder assumes a (phantom) 1C opening on his right. All bids therefore are overcalls. Oh and if he wants to double, then he of course bids 1C. 2. Moscito (honeymoon version for me) 3 ...
Alan Frank's lead problem: JT52 A4 QT54 854
the software bamboozled me. I was definitely playing the Ace of Hearts.... somehow that was misinterpreted as the 4.
A New Blue Ribbon Pair
Thanks Oren, that was a really enjoyable read. Much appreciated
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