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Dee Harley
Dee Harley
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Sept. 17, 2015
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March 30
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bridge player

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Which line to take
Oh Wait! North is declarer!!! and has also denied 3 spades (well he only has AQx). What is going on. East leads the diamond. well then win in South and play King and run a heart. Surely he will switch to a spade!
Which line to take
win in dummy, heart to the King, run a heart
Bridge Playing Royalty
they were Whist hands. Whist is essentially Bridge without the bidding, and without a dummy.
Is minus 2800 a fair ruling?
I was being flippant, for which I apologise. I disagree with the ruling on the basis that north may or may not have passed if correctly informed, East may or may not have stood the redouble, Even South may have moved, and then the defence is not certain. I accept ...
Is minus 2800 a fair ruling?
Ahhh Clive, you never liked me anyway.
Is minus 2800 a fair ruling?
Thanks David, I like your response, but I’m left aghast. If it is written, but not remembered what are our options?
Is minus 2800 a fair ruling?
As far as I can gather, the aus a team requested a review. They felt that they had been damaged by not being given the correct information. The discovery from looking at the deep finesse analysis that 2 could only make 2 tricks seems to have initiated a complaint.
Is minus 2800 a fair ruling?
You can assume that if you like bill, but I can provide documentation which shows this was the system, and also, the director has involved neither east nor west in any investigations. We have heard nothing directly, nor been involved in any decisions on this matter apart from initiating a ...
Is minus 2800 a fair ruling?
Thanks for your input Greg. It is definite in the system that west gave the correct explanation. East may or may not have remembered it if north had passed.
Is minus 2800 a fair ruling?
Thanks bill, you are spot on re hand diagrams.

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