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Dennis Dewit
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May 22, 2016
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But can East be certain that West does not have Axx KQx AKQJxx x?
2H means?
It shows INV+ values, either a balanced hand or with diamonds. That's why North didn't bid 3.
A Bridge Swifty
"You went down in that cold slam?", asked Tom upset.
A Bridge Swifty
"Partner, just play a diamond!", said Tom clear-cut.
A Bridge Swifty
"We should've been in no trump", said Tom suitably.
Sebastian Kristensen's bidding problem: QJ87 7 JT953 J97
I am afraid partner will continue with many "maximal" hands that are not suitable. There is not enough room for a proper slam investigation. May try it if 4 was the slam try.
Wayne Burrows's bidding problem: 98 AKQ843 5 K542
This should definitely not be a forcing pass situation. Double looks best now. There is only a 9-card fit and we have a singleton in partner's longest suit.
Mark Jones's bidding problem: Q86 KT86 A4 A987
Don't we get to know what 4 means and what 4m would have meant?
Which honour will you splinter with?
Depends on the shape of the hand, the opening bid and what range we have shown. You better remove the hand and auction above the poll. They don't make sense.
Is the Best Defense Double Dummy?
I'm afraid partner must have 108 and it seems that opener doesn't have much of a 3 bid but we were not told to be facing experts. Also Tx is fine if declarer has 7330

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