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Dian Petrov
Dian Petrov
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Oct. 10, 2010
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Feb. 15
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Bridge Club
United States of America

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NAP B - 2010 winner, GNT B 2008 - 2nd place
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@Nevada, @Florida, MABC Regionals
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Sapphire Life Master
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Dian Petrov's bidding problem: 9532 J76 A865 A8
Serge - At the table I passed. Pd hand: void, AKx, Q10xxx, KJ10xx No agreements. I can understand 1s-p-2s- 2NT or 1s-p-3s-4N for the minors - yes 69% agree with 3NT is a bid to play.
In the Well: Brad Moss
Hi Brad, What was your experience at the resent Buffalo Regional and why you chose that tournament over others?
The Bridgemate
Put the device in the middle and/or ask "Who will push the button?" For subsequent boards you give it to the one who actually did it the previous time.
ACBL Lifetime Masterpoint Lists
How about this for a differences - I want to be able to make a revoke, and missort my cards mixing clubs and spades, hearts and diamonds or even bid out of rotation. I want to look at opponents and their behavior, not count on speed of my ISP and computer ...
Dian Petrov's bidding problem: KJT64 985 --- AKJ97
Fair enough. Thanks.
Dian Petrov's bidding problem: KJT64 985 --- AKJ97
You are bidding 7 over 5 with Axx AKQxxxx Axx void? Expecting partner to cover 4 losers? What's the rush?
Dian Petrov's bidding problem: KJT64 985 --- AKJ97
Right - top or bottom: -4000 since were 7-6 Opener hand: AQ832 AKQ10742 void 10 Yuan suggests axing the partnership - who axes who, or assign the blame. Suggestion: since a decision was made to bid on 7 level, why not bid 7?
Dian Petrov's bidding problem: KJT64 985 --- AKJ97
How big is the risk? Partner must have at least 8 solid , A, A (he is not bidding a grand with nothing in and loser), put together K, AK = 13 tricks, may be more. Unless.... his control is also a void. Void ...
Dian Petrov's bidding problem: KJT64 985 --- AKJ97
So really?? Nobody thinks partner MUST have diamond A for bidding 7 H? It is matchpoints - 7NT anyone??
Whoa, how come Bridge Winners looks so different?
You need a "Home" button - for fast comeback to Main page.

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