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Diana Tenery
Diana Tenery
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Member Since
Aug. 24, 2010
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March 25
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Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
The rush of competition playing in my first real National event (the 1997 Reisinger). Not quite 2 years after picking up bridge cards for the first time and missed the 2nd day cut by .5. I was hooked.
Bridge Accomplishments
A few top twenties, a few nice upsets in Spingold and Vandy but nothing major. The best is to come I hope!
Member of Bridge Club(s)
BP Sheep Farms
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Variable NT with 2/1 Mid-Chart
Variable NT with 2/1 - 10-13 1/2 NV, 14-16 3/4 V, 12-14 all other seat and vul
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ES/DT Variable NT with 2/1 Mid-Chart
Variable NT with 2/1 - 10-13 1/2 NV, 14-16 3/4 V, 12-14 all other seat and vul
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Convention Cards in NABC+ events
The thing that always drives me bonkers is the lack of enforcement. I understand that, to an extent, bridge is a self policing game. This puts a lot of pressure on players to call out irregularities. And when director calls are met with stares or lack of follow-up, it puts ...
Double Standards
I think disparaging people (as you're doing here) for seeking redress when players don't follow the rules (using the procedures in place for doing just that) is poor sportsmanship. It presupposes that players are supposed to accept damage rather than face the slings and arrows of the offending ...
A Bridge Trivia Quiz
I have unlimited referrals and will invite folks who can commit to the two major tenets of the league, don't forfeit and don't cheat. I know a lot of the posters here casually or by reputation. If I don't know you, reach out anyway and we can ...
Nelson-Cohen win NABC+ Fast Pairs
Open Reno Discussion Thread
@Don said "If the TD does nothing, ask to speak with the event DIC. Unless the problems with TDs get reported up the chain of command, there is NO chance for improvement. Now, whether there will be improvement if you DO report it is another question, but at least there ...
Open Reno Discussion Thread
As someone whose NABC+ appeals usually involve the committee overturning director rulings, I find this turn of events bothersome. One especially egregious situation involved a director not even consulting other directors (let alone players) on a situation that specifically called for consultation before ruling. There is certainly a whole segment ...
Ruling from the Junior Trials
Apologies if this got explained elsewhere in the thread, but I feel like EW would ALSO be alerting (on both sides of the screen) the overcall they made. So, in order to do so, they'd first have to inquire on range (if not informed). Getting to a point where ...
Open Denver Discussion Thread
"I really doubt if our group is that much different than a group of life insurance salespeople or other trade groups." That may be the case, but specifically on the trash thing... at other conventions (business and gaming) I've gone to, I've never seen anything as disgusting as ...
we need a SUPERLIKE option for comments like Greg's
I have to ask myself what is more likely, that someone entered a business with intent to disrupt or be off putting OR that the patrons/staff are generally suspicious (even described as such by Mr. Jones "I'm always fearful of robbery") and reacted negatively to someone who didn ...

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