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May 18, 2012
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A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
Does anyone believe they would have saved at this vulnerability? Nobody else in that field did that.
Mindful revoke
If I was your opponent I would have insisted on 3NT=. After all, you claimed the tricks and the claim was correct. My own request to play on created the situation in which you revoked but should never have been in. On the other hand, it would probably have been ...
"You got it wrong."
Not only time, it makes it much harder for the opposition to do the right thing. 5Sx is likely now.
A thought much would it be worth to see dummy before the lead?
Maybe we have a chance when we can see the dummy before the lead and declarer doesn't see the dummy at all.
Down Under Coup
I figured that the dentist pulls a tooth (card) where the orthodontist puts them straight.
Ethical or not?
I can remember a BBO speedball tournament where an opponent did this (playing K from Kx) to me in the last hand of a round. The clock was ticking the time away and he seemed frozen and did not respond when asked to play a card. When he finally played ...
Keycard or Quantitative?
If you have a forcing method to make spades trump it is quantitative. If you don't it has to be keycard. If it was quanti this would show hearts but then he would have been stuck after 1NT - 2 - 2.
Who should have bid?
Only West can be blamed because he could have doubled in the first round when te bidding was at 1-level. Over 1NT passing by East and West is reasonable (wise).
Claim Rules
This looks like a great training method to me. When the aim of a claim is to speed up the play this won't help.
Use the cardholder if it helps. Someone at our club had to after he broke his arm. He reported better bridgeresults because he played a bit slower and concentrated better.
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