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March 7, 2012
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Re: Nic Hammond's "Detecting Cheating at Bridge"
Screens make for the fairest and most enjoyable form of bridge.
Happy Trails, Matt Smith
When I resumed playing bridge after a 30+ year absence, Matt quickly figured out I was a good player, introduced himself, asked me about my past and filled me in about some of my old partners. This was at a tiny sectional in a tiny corner of BC. When my ...
Matt Smith Promotion
I took 35 years off playing bridge and met Matt when he was directing a tiny sectional in Rossland BC. He quickly figured out I knew how to play the game, helped me find good partners and generally made my return to bridge pleasant. I have never seen him make ...
Decisions of the Appeals & Charges Committee, November 2016
Glad to see that someone with more clout than me was concerned back then. It's tragically late, but why not do such a study now?
Decision from the german bridge federation in the Piekarek - Smirnov case
Michael, I began playing serious duplicate in the late 50s and quit in 1967. I played on several teams with Jimmy Cayne. I received offers to play professionally, which I declined. The going rate at that time was $35 a session, but that was basically for teaching someone by playing ...
Decision from the german bridge federation in the Piekarek - Smirnov case
Why not worry less about punishment and more about prevention? The main cause of the crime is the money that can be made from it. Are there ways we can get the big money out of bridge and turn our game back into the amateur (but just as exciting) contest ...
Fisher comments...
As we used to say when I was young, right on Boye. An eloquent description of our world as well as the bridge world.
Fisher comments...
As a novelist I object to this smear on my profession. A writer of fiction must have an excellent grasp of reality.
Do the Right Thing! - the players turn
No. Les is right. Power to the people. The ordinary people. I gave up bridge almost fifty years ago to try to make a world governed by ordinary people, not big money. So long as big money rules, the world will be a rotten one and the bridge world will ...
Est. # of top 16 Vanderbilt cheaters.
There is a big difference between the individual cheating of the past (wires, peeking etc.)and on the internet and the collusive cheating being uncovered now.
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