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Dick Wilson
Dick Wilson
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April 28, 2011
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about me

Born in Rochester, NY in 1941. Still in Rocheser during the summer but after lthe winter of 2013/2014 I moved to Delray Beach, FL. Rubber bridge with family and friends from early high school through about age 45. Returned to the game at age 62 when a friend asked me to join him at a local duplicate club - my first try at this. The hook was set. I have not stopped since. My golf game suffered as a result but in 2011 I got back into golf in order that I not be totally one-dimensional for the r

United States of America

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Marilyn Goldman
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All clubs in Rochester, NY Area
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Gatlinburg and all Nationals
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ddonuts and jdd
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Gold Life Master
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Michael Seamon (1960-2017)
I feel very sad, also. Though I've only known Michael for a few short years he was always warm, welcoming and witty when I was at his table. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity spend time with. My condolences to Janice and the rest of his family ...
Mike Spitulnik's bidding problem: KQJT985 A 74 KJ7
Actually, a little surprised you are asking, Mike. Just too strong to pre-empt. Did you or partner hold these cards?
Dick Wilson's bidding problem: KT862 --- AK543 JT2
Just re-click your real choice. :)
Mike Spitulnik's bidding problem: AJT65 T4 JT7 KJ8
If playing Lebensohl 3s denies a heart and is game forcing giving partner a choice.
John Spitzer's bidding problem: x xxx AKxx AKQJx
Doesn't Kickback require agreed trump suit. 5 hearts was my first thought (asks for two of the top 3). Does that give up on the possible grand. 4nt provides one with all the space needed to get trump quality (hearts- last bid suit) and side kings (spades) it cannot ...
Dick Wilson's bidding problem: AJ73 984 Q65 K63
Josh, I like 5 Soades - "Ok, dude, you pick it!"
Mike Spitulnik's bidding problem: --- 8632 T732 AK943
I abstained because I played the hand and had a different auction. I was forced (almost) to bid what I think I was going to bid anyway - 3 spades. My partner and I play Reverse Bergen so I was considering 3 clubs limit raise but had decided to aggressively splinter ...
Mike Spitulnik's bidding problem: K743 AK4 A K5432
Under the new law one can open a hand 1NT with a stiff A, K, or Q. With that in mind East's first bid might have been 1NT which would make his rebid less problematic. As the auction actually went I would opt 2 spades showing my values and ...
Mike Spitulnik's bidding problem: AQ2 Q73 J9864 97
How tortally weird!! I abstained and saw that 1 person abstained. I abstained because you and I had thoroughly discussed this hand. Why my abstention became 7nt is a mystery,
Mike Spitulnik's bidding problem: QT93 T32 T874 K6

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