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Best Use of 2 Diamond Opening
I would suggest variable mini Roman for 2D, 44majors,stiff/void in a minor 11-15 hcp in 1st/2nd seat, 13-15 hcp in 3rd/4th seat And forgo weak-two opening completely, 2H is variable Flannery 4S-5H, same hcp requirement as variable mini-Roman 2S is variable reverse-Flannery 5S-4H, same hcp requirement ...
USA Wins World Youth Teams
This world championship is for the RosenbergS. Congratulation!
A 'Litmus' test of a Bidding System
Why look at the tree, and missing the forest
A 'Litmus' test of a Bidding System
Hi Dave, yes, one size cannot fit all, I agree. In your 1st case ,responder has Q diamond, and Q club.... My suggested approach to show honours after confirming less than a positive response Cannot find out the Q-length handily, but can identify which Q responder a big ...
A 'Litmus' test of a Bidding System
I agree wholeheartedly 11-2-0-0 is extreme, bit it did serve the purpose of generating interest.. Could one apply whatever bidding methods/conventions to tackle the real example taken from the 2006 quarterfinal of Vanberbilt fromReno. Lots of established partnerships missed the cold grand slam... This points to room for improvement.
A 'Litmus' test of a Bidding System
The concept behind Dicks 2COATS is.. The 2C opener can count tricks easier than the responder. It is more beneficial to know what and which honours responder has than respnder's length, whenever the responder does not have a positive response, 9 HCP and up. With a positive response, the ...
Delay the Decision
Excellent article as usual. This adds more credit to the relay system...south responds one diamond to show heart,thus right siding the contract.
This seems difficult even looking at all hands - apportion the blame
The first discard should be a low heart ,so does the second discard..this clearly asks for a club attack. The problem of discarding the suit you like is throwing away a potential winner against NT contract.
32 HCP in Vanderbilt
I suppose to go simple is better. E.g. 2 c -- 2h deny Ace or K Then 4nt, it must mean to ask for Queens, 5h shows two 7 Nt can be reached easily.
The Image of Bridge
IMHO, when the Non-member players try out the ACBL tournaments, they have this feeling of being discriminated ...paying three dollars extra non-member fee per section. The ACBL can rectify this simply by raising the entry fee by three dollars,and give ALL ACBL members three dollars discount. This is revenue ...
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