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Dima Nikolenkov
Dima Nikolenkov
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Nov. 8, 2010
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Feb. 21
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Bridge Player
about me

Represented Switzerland a couple of times in international competition. 

Teach math. Interested in bidding theory.

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A couple of Swiss national championships
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Dima Nikolenkov's bidding problem: --- 985 KQ763 AQ876
Thanks all - after BIT of about 3 minutes before 3NT call, South pulled to a making 5 with partner looking at xxx in and then did not think that 3NT was a logical alternative - sorry to have bothered Bridgewinners community with that just needed some "polling evidence".
Avoid the Ruffs
A fairly big number of pairs in Europe have this agreement - versus preempt with a strong onesuited hand we just try to bid to the contract one would expect to make opposite an average dummy. One often survives that but flexible hands show up more often and it is very ...
Transfer responses to 1!C - rebidding with 3-card support unbalanced
The main advantage of putting 2 or 3 cards weak NT into accept is that one frees 1NT rebid to show 18-19, =(if playing strong NT). In uncontested bidding one easily sorts out 2 or 3 cards later (since opponents did not get in till then, they may well leave ...
slip of the tongue ?
Do people really want to win THIS way? Declarer tried to win the trick then stammered. If this is not a slip of the tongue, it is difficult to imagine what is. Maybe one should take away the rule about the "slips" completely but it is still there, in my ...
How would you rule?
I was North.
How would you rule?
Yes, NS deserve procedural penalty(no question here) for not disclosing properly but what about the BRIDGE result? And was it misinformation?
How would you rule?
All doubles by West were neither alerted, no specifically explained. East's bid of 3 suggests that he took X of 2 for the "face value" = spades. Taking double of 2NT out would suggest a subminimum hand (fearing that opposite invitational values it might well make). I think ...
Looking for Strong Club systems
Hi Roland I played modified version of Danielson's Precision (see Henry Sun's comment) some 10 years ago. 1 response included 8-10 balanced hands. Still have a system file.
Tray Passing in Wroclaw
We also did the same way Pierre mentioned and when communication did not run smoothly we had a couple of laughs at the table when partner of opening leader (usually NS pair) was trying to remove the tray. Was all settled after board N3 at the latest (we played team ...
A slam from Budapest
Absolutely - still I remember kicking myself AFTER I have tried something stupid

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