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Dominic Cooke
Dominic Cooke
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March 24, 2018
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about me

Often delusional about how good I am at this game, but I make enough wild errors to puncture my inflated ego on a regular basis.

United Kingdom

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Making 6HX-6 for -1400 at a Year End Congress. My partner was declaring, but it was very much me who got us there.
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Who was more at fault?
I can't see anyone taking 5 as artificial on this auction. Just looks purely natural NF.
!S Jx !H AKxx !D AKxxx !C xx
Yes, and about a tenth of the people voting will answer them, at a wildly optimistic estimate. Convenient, I'm sure.
Club level ruling . what do you think?
I mean, you're right about no adjustment. I just don't see how the rest of your comment is connected to your conclusion.
another "Where did East/West go wrong?" hand
W has done nothing wrong. Nor has E. Relax; these things happen.
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
Also, why is weak-only "the lame version"? I know many swear by their own methods (Ian, for example), but if you're going for a preemptive tool in a standard-or-thereabouts system weak-only is the choice for a reason.
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
You've called 2 a transfer to 2NT, but it shows 13-15 balanced. No one would have a 2NT overcall that shows 13-15; using 2 for it seems empirically worse. If you aren't doubling with that hand, just pass it; it isn't worth bidding. Then you ...
What is does this 2NT show?
Oh, it's quite intuitive. It goes along with our firm and clear agreements on doubles in competition very well, needless to say.
Dominic Cooke's bidding problem: 9 AKQ43 84 T9864
What is does this 2NT show?
I call a 4-3-3-3 shape a poor hand. But if it doesn't have a stop in ops' 8+ card fit, and it bids 2NT, 2NT isn't natural.
What is does this 2NT show?
The hand doesn't. You calling it natural does.

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