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Dominic Cooke
Dominic Cooke
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Basic Information

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March 24
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Young bridge player taking an interest in the game. Novel, I know.

Normally on BBO in the evenings GMT and always up for a game playing classic 1970s Romex.

United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making 6HX-6 for -1400 at a Year End Congress. My partner was declaring, but we both agreed afterwards it was I who got us there.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Reading Bridge Club
Favorite Conventions
Flemish Twos, I guess. They're cute.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Best Approach?
Depends on the major. Opposite 1H, I like it to show spades. Which, I suppose, isn't actually ruled out by the "forcing" option.
Is this alertable (T-Walsh)
With my partners where I don't play t-walsh we play that as promising 4; I don't plan to alert my partners' simple raises of my suit any time soon.
Another useless poll
I'll be honest, bidding clubs when you have clubs just instinctively seems more memorable, though most people playing a relay system shouldn't have too much trouble with memory...
What's this Pass?
Hum, which article is that? It isn't the featured one, and Kit's articles don't always have the most informative/specific names.
What's this Pass?
Thanks for the input! I did think (a long while) afterwards a redouble as to play is pretty much the natural meaning of the call, but I was a little too nervous to go for it undiscussed. Is that a standard structure that we should know? It does seem fairly ...
ATB - Unexpectedly Slammy
I suspect after 3H, as south I would be bored by the auction and jump to 6C to avoid giving away info...
How to Attract Youth Players?
As another young player it's definitely the social aspect - BBO is all well and good, but even then I only really play on it while partnering friends.
How do you play this sequence
Hum. I play transfers over the club, so that's just an invitational hand with long diamonds, but if we ignore systemic contortions I think I play it as longer diamonds than spades with invitational values.
The real reason Bridge is on the decline
"Europeans don't have to work quite as hard as we do. But before Europeans get too complacent keep in mind that most social trends originate in North America and eventually migrate to Western Europe (examples: informal forms of address, non-smokers rights, attitudes toward women and minorities, etc.) It's ...
Today's problems were yesterday's problems too
They also recommend not bidding the grand on those hands because there might be a 4-0 heart break, making it only slightly more than a 90% slam. Well, if the KS in South's hand is actually a low one then it's a bit worse, but they've given ...
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