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Dominic Cooke
Dominic Cooke
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March 24, 2018
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25 minutes ago
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about me

Often delusional about how good I am at this game, but I make enough wild errors to puncture my inflated ego on a regular basis.

United Kingdom

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Making 6HX-6 for -1400 at a Year End Congress. My partner was declaring, but it was very much me who got us there.
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Reading Bridge Club
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What is the correct call?
Sorry for being a bit over-the-top there! I should have made clear - when declarer calls for a card, that's the one that is played. Dummy has made a mistake, but as a rule we should pretend they don't exist at the table. Declarer of course has also made ...
What is the correct call?
What? Declarer has called for a card, why is the director having to listen to the opponents vomit out nonsense about pointing?
Using 2/1 as a Convention
I think a system where the 2/1 can routinely conceal 4-card support for the major is also not "standard" - and for good reason.
YBTD after slow double
After a bit of thought I do agree with you there, Thomas. 5 not a unreasonable endpoint at all.
YBTD after slow double
5 seems bizarre & hard to reach; 4 or 3 seem like much more obvious adjustments if you adjust.
Do you adjust?
If the break in tempo was that N passed too quickly, keep the result because a quick pass suggests not bidding on. If it's a slow pass, take a poll.
Does UI have to be helpful to count?
Deleted, I see your point now.
Does UI have to be helpful to count?
...So when you have UI that your partner has a minimum hand, and you have a balanced 10-count, you think that raising to game is the unethical action? Seems as though S is being pilloried for displaying absolutely perfect ethics.
Does UI have to be helpful to count?
How can 2 align with 3? If S did not choose an alternative that was suggested by the UI, how can EW be damaged?
Dominic Cooke's bidding problem: J52 875 A32 AQJ5
Hmm. It's a long while ago now and I don't think the hand records are online, but I think he had KQTxx in hearts certainly, two small diamonds, and the A of spades - but I forget whether his black suits were 2-4 or 3-3.

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