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Aug. 25, 2015
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June 16
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ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
I couldn't agree more. ACBL must focus on customer acquisition and, given the state of the game, bridge player creation. Yes, without new players, we won't get new ACBL members. This, in my view, must become the mission of the ACBL.
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
My career as a management consultant also included a salaried job as Deputy Executive Director of a large non-profit. Now I volunteer with Executive Service Corps, a non-profit that consults only for other non-profits. Any organization that doesn't term-limit their Board of Directors seems to wither. The Board members ...
An Unsigned Letter to the ACBL
If the Strategic Plan doesn't have SMART Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time Bound objectives that both the board and management agree to and enforce, it's useless. If you say that "by the end of the next calendar year, 95% of the events at the NABCs will start within ...
An Unsigned Letter to the ACBL
I just found this organization in Memphis: Seems very much like the one I volunteer for in Chicago.
An Unsigned Letter to the ACBL
Not sure what the "everybody does it refers to". But if ACBL applied "that's the way we've always done it" with hand matchpointing, we would still be doing it. The remote scoring devices are both non-US devices as is their control software. It has been stated earler in ...
An Unsigned Letter to the ACBL
Most of the TD staff works remotely. With the online conferencing tools available today, that needn't be an impediment. As a recent retiree from management consulting, I've joined the Executive Service Corps, which provides low-cost consulting to non-profits. The ACBL is typical of them. The officers rotate and ...
An Unsigned Letter to the ACBL
And some day you won't be able to buy computers that will allow you to hack your way back to DOS level shells. "That's the way we've always done it" doom an organization to failure.
An Unsigned Letter to the ACBL
When we received the letter from the marketing department last year about the marketing department bemoaning the demise of the daily bridge column in the New York Times, I responded with an e-mail and copies to the CEO and ACBL President suggesting that the ACBL leverage its vast library of ...
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