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Don Messer
Don Messer
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April 20, 2013
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March 18
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Bridge Player
about me

Relatively new here. Wanting to extablish reliable partnerships.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Bidding six hearts with a new partner on a four-three fit against Jeff Meckstroth and his client. The client made the only lead that would let me make it. After the hand was over, my partner apologized to JM, saying he was sorry about the bad bidding but that we had not played together before. Of course, Jeff's team beat the pants off of us on the rest of the boards, but it was fun to play against the big boys.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Bridge Club of Austin
Favorite Tournaments
Beaumont and Houston Regionals and sectionals; Austin sectionals
Favorite Conventions
TOO, Curley Cue, Multi-minors, Hardy Raises in the majors, and inverted minor raises. Mini-Roman (10-12), features over weak twos prefer "systems off" when we overcall one of a suit with one no trump.
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ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Precision or 2/1 partner needed for BBO
Delightful. I will pull Mr. Berkowitz off the shelf. Give me a day or two, and I will contact you on BBO.
Precision or 2/1 partner needed for BBO
Hi, Melissa. I have just over 1,000 points and have been looking for good partners since I moved to Austin, TX four years ago. I am 72. I would be willing to play Precision, but I know little about it. I would have to bone up on Berkowitz's ...
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
My experience in situations like this is that the person who loses his job is rarely let go because he cannot do the job. It is almost always political or driven by conflicting personalities or ideas.
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
After thirty years in employee contract representation, It seems to me that the relevant issue is the gentleman's employment contract. If it guarantees him some type of due process hearing, then the fact that he has been relieved of his duties is probably the first step in a formal ...
New Alert Procedure Idea
I have often found that the current procedure has problems with UI as well. So much so that I generally do not ask about the alerts until after the auction is over to reduce this possibility. In short, I like Ryan's proposal. As far as the issue of the ...
D11 Wins 2015 GNT Flight B - 5 (of 6) Bridge Winners!!!
Hey! Great job, guys. Good luck.
I have no objections about players playing for pay. Similarly, I have no problem with the current system of sponsors and professionals. At the world level, we (hopefully) eschew mere nationalism for love of the game. My argument is that no all pairs are compatible in teams with other pairs ...
Admittedly, I do not travel along these vaunted pathways, but my opinion is that the Fireman team won, and, according to the rules of contest or whatever, that qualifies them to play in the Bermuda Bowl. The Fireman team beat some very good teams to get here and should be ...
Best defenses against Weak NT bids
I like Colchamiro's rule even against the weak no trump; responder's pass indicates ten or fewer points, so partner must have some values to support a good play for two of a suit. I will also balance with two doubletons, which I believe Mel's rule also supports.
Best defenses against Weak NT bids
I have played the weak no trump with several good partners over the years; I have also played against it quite a bit. I like the system I play with most of my partners: pass=forcing, partner must redouble or bid 5-card suit. This lets responder pass the redouble for ...

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