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Donald Lussky
Donald Lussky
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Jan. 16, 2015
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June 16
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Precision help wanted 2
Think a lot of people would play x of 1H as penalty-north is pass hand,west has defined hand,you are over the 1h bidder. I play precision and would have opened hand one dia
Precision help wanted 1
Ben,bidding game is result bridge at its worse. east should bid 2nt,west will bid 3h and east will pass!! Even without intereference,E/W not biding game. I play precision with relays and can handle all intereference and would not bid game. Why would east bid after 3h?
Gregory Nowak's bidding problem: --- K8742 AK43 J964
No one is commenting on the worse bid-2s-LOL
Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: T8xx x K9xx KQxx
Too good of hand for mix raise Steve
Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: T8xx x K9xx KQxx
Hand is too good for 3H. Either 2H or 4s and make them guess,could end up in 4sx making
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: Q9x Axx Axx KQJx
Bidding 3s not to make necessarily,but you are not beating 3d
Asking a question in the passout seat
I would still call the director and also talk to that person after the game and give them my opinion about their action.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: KJT752 AK53 J Q3
partner needs almost perfect cards for slam
Jay Barronen's bidding problem: Q76 42 AJT KT963
This is definitely not a forcing pass auction. I x because I have good defense,better hand than I stated,think 4s is making and believe need to try to get at least 300 to recover some equity.
Nathan Finkle's bidding problem: AK9763 QJ2 Q762 ---
I bid 6h,but with expert partner,bidding 5s along the way is reasonable-really think is suit and hrt tolerance,may get to 7h

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