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Donald Mamula
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July 17, 2012
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about me

Trying to do what's best for the game, often by clearing up misconceptions and misinformation.  All opinions are my own and reflect no bridge organization or group.

United States of America

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Toronto NABC Follow-up
Bahar wrote: [i]"A. The mission of the ACBL is to promote contract bridge. Not duplicate bridge or tournament bridge per se. But any type of contract bridge including club play and social play. As a not for profit, our goal is to promote our mission, not to make money ...
The (Very) Hideous Hog
Still way behind Grant in the total column of wives.
Changes to ACBL rules on announcement of 1NT range.
Not exactly, Steve. The goal was to eliminate the "card grab" and the UI that can be passed. The original thought was that ranges outside would be announced and that by inference, any range that fell within 15-18 would be "announced" by the silence. Unfortunately, the mass of players never ...
Forgive and forget?
I'm more likely to hit the Powerball winning numbers than to see Rona in the well. Or answering questions from anything other than a complicit interviewer. Just look at the interviews of WBF officials in Chennai to see the waffling, obfuscation and outright untruths.
Forgive and forget?
A few years back, Mr Gates donated a million dollars to an organization called "The League", which was to spend the money developing youth bridge programs as part of their overall youth activities structure. I was led to believe at the time that Sharon Osberg's connection with "The League ...
NABC Hotel Cancellation Policy
How does an existing contract (the reservation) get to be unilaterally amended by one party without the consent of the other? Also, since the reservation is with the hotel, how is the ACBL now moving into imposing a fee? It probably would have been better to just have a clean ...
Forgive and forget?
Greg - None. Also there is little data to support correlation between any teaching program and continued "regular" bridge play. Further, there is little to no data regarding the conversion of "bridge players" into "competitive duplicate players" (which is what the ACBL and other organizations, including the WBF, administer.)
Forgive and forget?
My supposition (and nothing more): Rona had 10 votes on the first round, with Aubrey getting 8. On the second round, Rona got the two Levy votes with the Aubrey votes staying constant. Aubrey probably felt that the next round would be exactly the same. And so forth. Also, that ...
Forgive and forget?
Two points, Steve. First, it is the zonal representatives that elect, not the NBOs. Second, Bobby Wolff most assuredly has won world championships AND has served as WBF President.
Forgive and forget?
And just remember that the governing documents of the WBF provide that NO records or reports of the organization are available to the member NBOs unless the WBF Executive authorizes it. Think about this....the members have no legal recourse to find out operational details of the organization they fund ...

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