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Donald Mamula
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July 17, 2012
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about me

Trying to do what's best for the game, often by clearing up misconceptions and misinformation.  All opinions are my own and reflect no bridge organization or group.

Past: Served for 9 years on ACBL BoD, 4 years as BoG chairman, lifetime member of BoG, 9 years on D19 board, almost every unit job from grunt labor to unit president.  Proudest bridge admin experience was being "first spouse" to a great BoG chairman.

Current: Retired, but sharing my experience and knowledge.

United States of America

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The ACBL: a Byword for Incompetence?
The MABC is, for all intents, defunct. I believe it still remains officially, to be there for the execution of some contracts signed before the split between D6 and D7. Nic may have some more details. I'd look at the D6 managment.
The Next Step
Frances - please tell me that NONE of your discards ever convey a message to partner - then we can agree that your signals do not include discards. And to follow along, what do you call what your discards mean? Or does your convention card say "When discarding, all cards are random ...
NABC Contracts
The BoD lodging is not comped by the hotel, aside from the president. It is at standard ACBL rate, with the district directors paying for the rooms and then being reimbursed on their travel expense report. The comped lodging rooms are used for TDs and other staff from HQ. The ...
ACBL Membershp Follies
That comment by Robert is in regard to any financial or management contributions to the ACBL. Ditto on publicity.
NABC Contracts
The ACBL contributes X dollars per estimated table towards the hospitality. It was recently $11 per table, but that number could easily be out of date. Some districts choose to augment that money with funds they raise through activities such as Larry describes. However, there is no requirement for districts ...
I have just read this - Fantunes
Who headed up the FIGB in the past? Who currently heads the WBF? (Hint - only one name is needed to answer both).
My Perceptions after 10 days in Atlanta
Jim P: If you think "rack rates" for sleeping rooms is steep, you don't even want to think about the "rack rate" for ballroom space. At one point, someone at HQ did a calculation if we unbundled playing space from room blocks. The result was about a 250 to ...
I have just read this - Fantunes
Why does this not surprise me. At least it spares them the trouble of declaring another blanket amnesty.
Open Atlanta Discussion Thread
Thanks Craig - as soon as I saw your post, I said "Of course, why didn't I remember him?" Thanks for reassuring that the old brain still can dredge up some stuff from the past.
My Perceptions after 10 days in Atlanta

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