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Donald Mamula
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July 17, 2012
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about me

Trying to do what's best for the game, often by clearing up misconceptions and misinformation.  All opinions are my own and reflect no bridge organization or group.

United States of America

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Another GNT Fiasco
It's close to where Meckwell lives.
Fantoni/Nunes Update
And I assume that BBO, as a sanction holder from the ACBL, will not allow their play in masterpoint games.
The GNT's, a modest proposal
There was, at one time, some thinking about taking the summer NABC and making it a full two week+ tournament (about 15-17 days) with multiple weekends and shortening the other two (which have smaller attendance. Never got beyond the "discussing over drinks" phase.
Another GNT Fiasco
Although there can be rationale for a "central" location, if that doesn't seem to work, perhaps a rotating set of locations. D19 alternates back and forth between Seattle and Vancouver BC. Still leaves the Spokane folk, such as Corn and Adams out in the lurch. OTOH, at least every ...
Another GNT Fiasco
Remember, it is not the DD that runs this event, or is even responsible. It is a function of the D9 board and the D9 president is ultimately the one responsible. Federated system, with districts separate from the DD.
Bridge Lawyers
I hope that you got a documented explanation of the ultimate ruling. And that you post it for all to read and appreciate.
Committee to Restructure the BoD - Dead??
So, in effect, a majority of the nine attending (five) could pass items for the entire board of 25. All you have to do it get the "right" people on an issue to the same meeting and talk about an insider cabal!!
Bridge Lawyers
McKenzie: That's a change from what used to happen. Nice to know - I'm always happy to be brought up to current practice. And to acknowledge my error. Perhaps some prior fiascos led to these reviews.
Bridge Lawyers
Agree. I always remember a line from Dr Thomas Martin, who wrote a book back in the 1970s titled "Malice in Blunderland". In it, he wrote "It is impossible to design a foolproof system, if only because fools are so damned ingenious."
Gatlinburg Regional 2017
And, IMO, when you can now enter events via the computer for gold points, the F2F table count has even less future. With the resultant effect on hotel rooms and other financial aspects.

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