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Donna Rogall
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July 17, 2012
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Nov. 7, 2019
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Big Ideas
Bob Heitzman wrote: "...In contrast, for regionals in NYC or NJ, almost everyone who attends is local. The only people staying in the host hotel are district officials, who get their rooms for free...." Bob-- How do the NYC and NJ regionals survive without meeting the room block quota? The ...
Is the WBF Sexist?
Alan -- Are you looking for a Chocolate event with Nuts or without? If no Nuts are preferred, don't worry, a completely separate Mixed Nuts event already exists. I accidentally played in it once.
Alert Procedure After Misbid
There's still a problem when (in a very similar situation) 4 directors and a committee of distinguished panelists don't know where to look for the answer to this and firmly believe that you should continue to alert as if you were correct about your mistaken bid. I'm ...
Alert Procedure After Misbid
Rich Colker wrote a series of articles, "At the Table: A Survival Manual," one of which specifically addresses this issue. These articles appeared in the ACBL Bulletin and he graciously allowed our unit to reprint updated versions of them in the WBL Bulletin which can be accessed at ...
John Adams's bidding problem: K5 JT92 543 QJ87
Actually, in my favorite system, we open 1C with all the balanced hands not in the 1NT range (Red 14-17, White 11-14), so I might even bid 2H with 4-3-4-2. Also, and partly because of that style, we play a modified Walsh where red, we bypass a 4 card diamond ...
John Adams's bidding problem: K5 JT92 543 QJ87
Type 1a: Bid 2H with 3 hearts most of the time. With 4x3 occasionally, with doubleton diamond usually, with singleton diamond always...choose depending on primes vs. secondary honors and whether honors in the doubleton.
I am Spartacus
On a related note, people over 5'8" should also be banned from the game. They can't help from being tempted to look at the cards in their opponents hands. Also, in a pair game, they hardly even have to crane their necks at all to see the results ...
I am Spartacus
Guns don't kill people, cell phones do! But seriously, how hard is it to punish someone actually using their phone, rather than just turning off the ringer? I don't think you'd be at a loss for civilian police at that juncture. If you're not staying at ...
Philadelphia Schedule
Why not compromise on start times? ex: 11:30 am and 6:00 pm. You don't get the advantages of either extreme times (sightseeing if late start vs. long dinner after early start); but, you lose the disadvantages of tiredness for half(?) the entrants... plus gain a decent break ...
Philadelphia Schedule
Leaving the 2nd session, traveling to a restaurant, ordering and finally eating your largest meal of the day around 9pm is not conducive to sleeping. I'd much rather have my main meal between sessions and just eat a little lighter than usual in order to maintain a fresh brain.

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