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Doug Bennion
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Aug. 15, 2011
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about me

Creator of Bridge Buff, an early bridge-playing program, and Visual Deal, an early deal-generator.

Author several Bridge World articles. Try out Jammer 2D!

Author Scramble Stayman! Don't settle for 1NT!

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zelig and doug
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Dumb doubles --an opinion piece.
The notrump hand often has positional value so we exclude xNT from all transfer ladders. Here, 1 (X) XX would show clubs, and 1NT would be 'natural'.
What do you play against multi 2!D?
Partner is encouraged to find a bid when faced with (2) P (P). I found some ‘work’ I did awhile back, but didn’t bother posting. When RHO has a 6-card major, you will see these hands: 54% will be balanced (including 4432 4333 5332 5422)) 24% have a ...
What do you play against multi 2!D?
First time around, don't bother with the takeout doubles because (1) you won't have the right shapes very often and (2) a good chunk of the time you will be takeout doubling for the wrong suit (you'll be 4144 and opener turns out to have spades). X ...
Dumb doubles --an opinion piece.
I've played a weak notrump most of my life, and can count the number of times I got nailed good, on my fingers and toes. Most weak-notrumpers can (almost always) wriggle out of trouble, or the trouble they do get into isn't fatal, because the opps have a ...
State of hand analysis by computers
The double dummy solvers do a good job compiling overall contract results, but not so good on analysing deals one-on-one. I think. I use DealMaster Pro, maybe other analysers do a better job. Or maybe I’m missing something with DM Pro. Example. I was interested in how 4 ...
What is this Double?
We play transfers beginning with X, in any position where (1) three suits have been bid (2) partner has bid one of them, and (3) X is a legal call. This position qualifies. We play the transfers through (partner - 1), and we skip notrump because it has positional value. So ...
1NT opening 15-17
Once we included 5M332 hands into our weak notrump openings, it only seemed sensible to include them in our strong notrump openings as well, even though we open those 1. Knowing partner's 1M openers are never balanced, is like a breath of fresh air.
1NT opening 15-17
Thanks Kerry I'd forgotten I wrote that.
1NT opening 15-17
Phew, due to the nice spots, K&R elevates that hand to 15.05. Without the 9's and T, it comes in at 14.60.
1NT opening 15-17
There were no results beyond those values that came out of the analysis which you previously mentioned. I had intended a broader scope, maybe dummy points for shortages, etc, but it stopped being fun, so I stopped.

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