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Grand slam in control. But should it be 7NT?
I think that north blew it with his first bid. There is no reason for south to think that north has 6 clubs once north failed to open 2c.
Do you open the bidding?
Make it the minors and I'll think about it.
What happened to the Law, Larry?
You did read the back of the book where he talks about quality suits and adjustments to the Law?
rules question
Describe is as "Something big, not necessarily balanced. I am required to guess what to do."
rules question
I don't think it's illegal to open that hand. It is illegal to open it and have your partner describe it as 20-21 balanced. If your partner knows that you are going to open all very strong hands that don't qualify for 2c with 2n, then an ...
1M-3M: How Do You Play It?
This looks similar to what Max Hardy recommended in his 2/1 book. I always thought that structure was very elegant and never understood why more people didn't adopt it. I suspect because Bergen raises at it's base is very simple and easy to learn.
1M-3M: How Do You Play It?
I'm generally off them as well. I've found that it is no longer too much of a hindrance to the opponents, people are aggressively coming into these auctions much more than when the convention was just starting. If we aren't going to win the auction, then, I ...
How to bid to right game
I disagree with the crapshoot idea. On the auction, if 3 promises 3, then opener's shape is know as 3541. You can now envision profitable club ruffs in spades as opposed to trump shortening club plays in hearts.
How to bid to right game
3 should show 3 spades, I hate the idea it could be 2. If you don't want to/can't bid 3n, then just bid 3h as a punt. Yes, now your partner doesn't know if you have 5 or 6, but that's less destructive than ...
Bidding Question: NMF
Opener could have 3 spades. Bidding the 4 card heart suit is preferable as you want to be in the 4/4 heart fit instead of the 5/3 spade fit. 2s to show some kind of slammish hand seems reasonable.
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