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Doug Couchman
Doug Couchman
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Feb. 25, 2014
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about me

I'm a semi-serious bridge player and teacher in Tucson, Arizona. I'm a former TD and am active on my unit and district boards, and second alternate to the national board. Playing the game, and helping others learn to play and appreciate it, are a substantial part of my life.


Having a girlfriend who — somewhat to my consternation — has taken up the game helps make it even more fun.


When not playing bridge I tutor, preparing people for standardized tests. (Primarily those for graduate school admission, specifically the LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, and GRE.) If you or someone you care about needs help on a test, I'm your guy. See details on my website,


I'm a system maven — ask me about my "Troll Club" canapé relay system.


Though I have recently relocated to Tucson, Arizona, I retain ties in the San Francisco bay area.

United States of America

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How should the director rule
Right, I misspoke. It should have been "chosen instead of an LA over which it was demonstrably suggested by the UI."
How should the director rule
John: As Ed says, an irregularity may or may not be an infraction, but all infractions are irregularities.. A bid is not necessarily an irregularity, but if it is an infraction then it is also an irregularity. As I and others have explained, 5, being demonstrably suggested by UI ...
How should the director rule
Why was 4X "never going to be at all likely" given that East bid 4, North was almost certain to double, and West cannot legally pull unless either the UI doesn't demonstrably suggest doing so (but it clearly does) or passing isn't a logical alternative (but ...
Guess Work to bring the contract Home [Declarer Play Problem]
It's a flash link, but IE is not required.
Opening 1N with a singleton Ace
One example does not a pattern make, but yesterday when this hand was opened 1NT, the resulting four heart contract did not play well when it ran into a 5-0 break; a 1 opening might get you to 1 doubled by the other guys, and the joy of ...
How should the director rule
As others have said: 4 wasn't good. West's partner, a passed hand, wants to play hearts; he has the king of hearts in support and a club suit that isn't any better than he's shown before. Passing would be a LA, I strongly believe. (We ...
Demanding revoke correction
This is correct, but there are two issues for declarer consider (if he understands the problem in time): - Many directors will get this wrong, considering not each revoke in turn (as you describe) but the two together; doing the latter they might conclude that there was a one trick automatic ...
Revoke Question
64A2 provides that the automatic penalty for the first revoke is one trick. 64B2 provides that there is no automatic penalty for the second revoke. 64C1 establishes the general procedure for equity adjustment beyond the automatic penalty, and 64C2a deals specifically with subsequent revokes in the same suit, but on ...
Your thoughts on whether Alerts or Explanations are required or should be required or voluntarily should be done
The rules (in my case, the ACBL alert procedure) provide for all required alerts. I alert the calls that the applicable rules say are to be alerted. I do not alert calls that the applicable rules do not say should be alerted. When an opponent asks about the auction (provided ...
Doug Couchman's bidding problem: AK83 AT964 63 Q5
He was indeed. South informed us right away about the MI, which in my opinion caused no damage. But as usual, MI creates UI, and I found that issue more interesting.

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