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Doug Couchman
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Feb. 25, 2014
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Once upon a time a part-time TD and semi-serious (well, I thought so) player and student of the game, I fell out of the swing of it (moving around a lot doesn't help) but hope to come back. With luck, my now having a girlfriend who — somewhat to my consternation — is attempting to take up the game may help. Or it may make things awkward. Or, most likely, both...


When not playing bridge I tutor, preparing people for standardized tests. (SAT and ACT for undergrad admission; LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, and GRE for grad school.) If you or someone you care about needs help on a test, I'm your guy. See details on my website.

United States of America

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How would you rule: BIT problem.
I have a now-and-then partner, a silver LM, who would bid 3D (with and without the UI). I've asked him PLEASE to consider reopening double (ever), but he sees only his own hand, no matter what that hand is. And he is not alone — this is a common problem ...
Alertable or not
The OP basically says "I understand that the rules say this bid isn't supposed to be alerted immediately, but should it have been alerted immediately?" The answer, unshockingly, is no, bids the rules say aren't immediate alerts aren't immediate alerts. This is not hard. The poll options ...
An Insufficent—Bidding Problem
I do not and would not have agreements regarding this point. I would expect a good partner to use bridge logic to come to similar conclusions about the different actions as I; if he didn't, oh well.
An Insufficent—Bidding Problem
It is rare that I think it best to accept a correction, but here I do because with my perfect shape but minimum strength I am happy to double 2S and then abide by partner's decision. Declining to accept the correction and instead doubling 1S, intending this as my ...
The GNT's, a modest proposal
Yes, Jan, I am suggesting it. It's not fair in at least one sense, and it means that the value of winning the event would be lower (because winners don't always have to face the toughest possible competition). But I contend that that isn't the issue. The ...
The GNT's, a modest proposal
Richard, I think that might be fine. Once you've actually won the nationals, I think you've had your chance and we can move on. (That means the field in subsequent years won't be quite as strong and it won't be a "true" national championship, but it ...
The GNT's, a modest proposal
By the way, I am well aware that my attitudes about entering events without much chance to win them is unusual. I was recently informed by a new partner that she'd like to aim us for something like the mini-Spingold, which reminded me of the existence of such events ...
The GNT's, a modest proposal
I think "fairness" as you seem to mean it has very little to do with this. As I and others have observed, the structure of the event isn't designed to find the best possible team, it's designed to be fun an interesting and to focus on districts while ...
The GNT's, a modest proposal
Among my favorite bridge memories are the two times I've had the pleasure and honor to represent my district in the GNTs. Sure, it was flight C, but so what — that didn't obviate the thrill, and it made it possible for me to compete for a "national" title ...
Playing 7NT with so-so cards and distribution
So the post is an example of the principle that when an anti-percentage line happens to be correct, you should take that line? It's essentially a variant of the rabbi's rule: "When the red queens are positioned as shown in the diagram, play for them to be there."

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