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Doug Couchman
Doug Couchman
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Feb. 25, 2014
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Once upon a time a part-time TD and semi-serious (well, I thought so) player and student of the game, I fell out of the swing of it (moving around a lot doesn't help) but hope to come back. With luck, my now having a girlfriend who — somewhat to my consternation — is attempting to take up the game may help. Or it may make things awkward. Or, most likely, both...

When not playing bridge I tutor, preparing people for standardized tests. (SAT and ACT for undergrad admission; LSAT, MCAT, G

United States of America

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When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
Add me to the resounding chorus of "never"s.
National Bridge Organization?
I think the real answer is A, the ACBL screwed up, and also the part of B that holds that bridge will never be an Olympic sport.
UDCA Signalling
This reminds me of a question about which I was considering making a thread: I recall once seeing an argument that even if you play UDCA, it is better to play standard present count. I can't remember the argument, though, nor where I saw it. It came up recently ...
How do we avoid this disaster?
We managed this defense too. I was south and returned the 7 (though as I think about it and read the comments I think I'll switch to returning the lowest in these situations — it's actually happened twice in the past two weeks now that pard hasn't read ...
UI Ruling Question
I find it a bit disturbing that someone who directs is advocating avg+/avg- when there is no legal justification for doing so. (Such artificial adjusted scores are appropriate only when no bridge result can be obtained or estimated.) I am even more disturbed that the putative justification for this ...
UI Ruling Question
Kit wrote: " I don't think North was trying to be unethical. I think he didn't realize what his ethical responsibilities were." Possibly true, but it's about time we stopped letting experienced players get away with (by which I mean avoid penalty points and conduct hearings) not knowing ...
Correcting a correct but mistaken explanation
Kit's approach (which is fairly common) is legal, though not required. Saying nothing until after the hand is over is a violation of the laws.
Correcting a correct but mistaken explanation
The rules say you must correct any explanation that incorrectly describes your agreement (at the appropriate time depending on which side you are, after calling the director). So you correct the mistaken explanation, giving the correct explanation of your agreement. This is not hard.
I would understand what you mean by the term if you said what you mean by the term. I do not think it is inherently clear what the term means. You may be attempting to distinguish between aces and quacks, between those that are working in our suits and those ...
Why Suit Preference Versus a Singleton?
I agree with Kit and can support it with actual, recent experience: One of my regular partners insisted for a long time that we play suit preference any time dummy had a singleton, period. I tried to convince him to try obvious shift, but he wasn't going for that ...

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