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Doug Couchman
Doug Couchman
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Feb. 25, 2014
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about me

I'm a bridge player (mostly for fun, sometimes pro) and teacher in Tucson, Arizona. I'm a former TD (but that was a long time ago); now I'm active at the unit and district level, and am second alternate to the national board of directors. Playing the game, and helping others learn to play and appreciate it, are a substantial part of my life.


When not playing bridge I tutor, preparing people for standardized tests. (Primarily those for graduate school admission, specifically the LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, and GRE.) If you or someone you care about needs help on a test, I'm your guy. See details on my website,


 I'm a system maven — ask me about my "Troll Club" canapé relay system.


Though I have recently relocated to Tucson, Arizona, I have played all over the county and retain ties to the San Francisco bay area.

United States of America

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Intermediate Two over One
2 over 1 Game Force (except 1!D - 2!C)
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2 over 1 Game Force (except 1!D - 2!C)
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When partner opens 1NT and you are 5-5 in the majors...have a sensible system, guys
Lol, I just noticed your comment; I'm quite sure it went up while I was typing mine, immediately below. (One difference is that for me, 3M is the single-suited slam try; retransferring to M is a balanced invitation.)
When partner opens 1NT and you are 5-5 in the majors...have a sensible system, guys
Second round transfers: After a jacoby transfer, bids of 2M+1 through 3M-1 are transfers, promising length in the suit transferred to (almost always five, and always five in the case of a retransfer to hearts) and invitational or better values. (A transfer to 2NT is a balanced invite; a ...
Happy Father's Day
I vote yes.
Potential cheating in the coming ACBL Endless Summer Tournament
I had to select an "other" for the usual reason: the poll includes non-essential verbiage, reasons for a selection that don't appear to be central to the question asked. I believe there is more cheating in online events, not "mostly as harder to detect" (it's far easier to ...
I'm not selling out
But David, that was two yutes. [link][/link]
Serious or Non-Serious 3NT?
Not meant as a derail, though I suppose it could be considered one, so whoopsie.
Serious or Non-Serious 3NT?
I like the information leakage argument for playing it non-serious (articulated by Dave Caprera et al above) and when I have a partner willing to do one or the other I tend to go with non-serious, but Eric Rodwell's argument about who should be telling/who should be showing ...
Question about Disclosure
"Balanced, forcing to at least 3NT" is technically correct and complete, but I think it's more in the spirit of disclosure to be more specific with "balanced, forcing to 3NT or 4 of a minor".
What does this redouble tell you?
I wouldn't mind playing it Rosencranz, though I haven't done so. With partners with whom I make frequent four-card overcalls (e.g., when playing the overcall structure) it's a support redouble. (Three cards, not necessarily an honor.) With no specific agreement it is penalty oriented, which I ...
1993 Seattle Fall NABC Appeals Committee Decisions now available online
I had forgotten how little discussion of law there was in the old casebooks: Committees, and panelists, tended simply to say what they felt the result should be, without reference to applicable law (sometimes because what they wanted was illegal).

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