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Sept. 12, 2012
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WBF adopt Sport Integrity Declaration in Chennai, 2015
Chris, you obviously read the SportAccord website, but you must have missed the page where they asked their 50+ member organizations for statements of support of this declaration. In any other circumstances, what the WBF board did in ratifying this would be normal and almost unnoticed. (And nobody would care ...
WBF adopt Sport Integrity Declaration in Chennai, 2015
Interesting... the SportAccord declaration was released on April 13, 2015. If the WBF was so supportive of the integrity declaration, why did it take almost 6 months (and everything that has happened since) for them to announce it. And equally interesting... According to their website, SportAccord was founded by the ...
Principle or Philosophy of Masterpoint Awards
There are a lot of good ideas floating around. But consider this... Significantly more than 95% of 2x/week and 3x/week golfers wouldn't be able to tell you the math behind their handicap. They just know that there's a formula, and if they get 2 shots on ...
Why I Play Bridge
To clarify... This year in Omaha, we still had two sets of overlapping KOs -- the first on Mon-Tue, Tue-Wed, and Wed-Thu. And after the Swiss, the Fri-Sat KO overlapped a 3-session, all-day Sat. KO. The Thursday Swiss just substituted for one day of the KOs.
Why I Play Bridge
Wish you all could have been here. One cool thing this year was that the schedule had an open 2-session Swiss on Thursday rather than the overlapping Thursday-Friday KO. I think this made the Friday-Saturday KO fields stronger because there were no top teams finishing up the previous KO and ...
Gordon and Peg, thank you for coming to our regional. Let me add to Gordon's facts. As someone who was assisting Marlene at the Omaha regional partnership desk, I can confirm that the "non-pro" 5-person team in bracket 3 of the Fri/Sat KO had at least one member ...
Current Issue of BB: "Ruling the Game"
I missed the earlier discussion, so bear with me. I don't see where an agreement that a 1NT opening could be unbalanced is 'prohibited'. (Mike Flader's word.) I would agree that if an agreement exists, it has to meet the requirements of the GCC, and 1NT must be ...
Current Issue of BB: "Ruling the Game"
Just got the BB today. Mike Flader also suggests a nice addition to the phrasing for the classic director question, "Did your thumb slip, or might you instead have been momentarily confused about what you wanted to bid?" In my experience, directors too often ask only the first clause of ...
2014 Buffett Cup Cancelled
What a shame. I was one of the few who had the opportunity to kibitz at the 2012 Buffett Cup, and as an intermediate-level player, it has been one of the highlights of bridge for me. It is just so sad to hear of the 2012 cancellation, when I remember ...
2012 Buffett Cup
Peter - thank you for the link. It was broken, but close enough that I was able to find the card on the eCats site. (The Buffett cup tournament site only has the front page.)

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