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Douglas Newlands
Douglas Newlands
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Aug. 25, 2015
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Drawing a 42 board KO match; playing a 2 board settler consisting of a partscore and a grand slam; drawing that and then winning the 1 board playoff.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Geelong B.C.
Favorite Conventions
the ones that partner thinks we're playing
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Things I do to alleviate the insanity of running an ACBL affiliated bridge club.
Lots of tittering and giggling at table 4 so director says "less noise at table 4, you're not here to enjoy yourselves, you're here to play bridge!" As an aside, earlier this week, I was talking to one of our very regular LOLs and she confided that she ...
An SMP question: when 1!C - 1 !S = 5+ !S, 8+ (unlimited)
I usually play 1C-1N as transfer to clubs and 1C-2C as transfer to diamonds. The step is relay for a major. If one is shown, 2NT is jacoby-like finding range (3C is all minimums and then 3D re-asks for shortage)and shortage (but nothing like a full relay).
An SMP question: when 1!C - 1 !S = 5+ !S, 8+ (unlimited)
I have played a method where responder's second bid after a positive sorts out the range. The method is simple: if it's the step bid over opener's rebid it shows one range (say minimum) and all other bids are natural and show the other range (say 12 ...
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
Every time a table finishes slowly, the TD records the pair numbers and the board set. The recording can be on a screen where everyone can see it. The second time your pair number goes up you get a verbal warning. The third and subsequent times, you get an increasing ...
Interesting Suit Combination
I called Jean Marc and it took about 15s to look up which is faster than suitplay. He suggests ace then small to the 9. If it holds then small to Q. If the king rises before the 9, finesse the 9 next time. If the king is likely to ...
Director in distress
Following advice from Laurie Kelso (current WBF Head Director, for those not following closely) that this was not a L79c situation but a 92B one, the appeal was seen to be out of time and the recorded score stood. It's likely there will be some fallout over the handling ...
Bridge in fiction
Even Reese wrote a work of fiction (Trick 13) around bridge and sex. I suspect he would have said it was 'racy'. It sounds like his kind of adjective! Just dragged it off the shelf: it's co-authored with Jeremy Flint. The financial Times review says "richly painted behind-the-scenes machinations ...
Director in distress
Perhaps, you're not a surfer! I found a couple of Americans in one of my classes at Deakin Uni in Geelong one year. I was surprised and asked them what had brought them here. Answer: Bells Beach which is 20 minutes down the road.
Director in distress
I was careless with my language in my eagerness to invalidate comments about "inexperienced players". I have made it less specific now.
Director in distress
The event has finished and a result published so, although there is a director historically attached to the event, I don't think they continue to have the prerogatives of the director and that those powers revert to the Regulating Authority. I am trying to get the GBC committee to ...
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