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Douglas Newlands
Douglas Newlands
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Aug. 25, 2015
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March 15
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Drawing a 42 board KO match; playing a 2 board settler consisting of a partscore and a grand slam; drawing that and then winning the 1 board playoff.
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Geelong B.C.
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the ones that partner thinks we're playing
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Yes but your sequence implies opener is using RKC and he can't see the long hearts. The extra values implied by last train might be QH or KC or long clubs not the useful hearts.
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In the second sequence, opener is using RKC opposite what might be a 4414 like AK1072 Q985 A3 K1087 AQ86 5 85 A764 and after 1S-3D-4D-4H-4N-5C(1)-5D-5H(QS+KH) where does opener see the 12th trick far less the 13th? 5 trumps, 2 hearts, 1 club, 1D, 2 diamond ...
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ATT, I responded 2H but partner is not minimum and will make a heart cue over the splinter. Does this force the 4D bidders into RKC? Does it make 3D more attractive and should you never bid 4D?
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I thought the plan for play is likely to involve setting up hearts, at least as one option, so I bid them to try and involve partner in later decisions. You might get a chance to jump to 4D on the next round.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
So what is the modern system where there is no guessing? I need to know so I can play it!
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
"defeaning roar" may be an exaggeration but one thing which isn't discussed is whether things happened in the open or closed room. In the open room (from my ancient experience), you are surrounded by large numbers of people and you held your card up high so they could see ...
It changes the invitational hand from a 2 bid hand to a one bid hand and so responder can react to the invitational bid at the 3 level if it is specific so 1N-( P)-2H-(2S)-3H let's you show minimum and fit and 1N-( P)-2H-(2S ...
One might view this problem as self-inflicted because of the wide strength range of a transfer bid and the fact that it needs a second bid to clarify this. I like the idea of rotating the meanings of 2 way check back (which I think should be 3 way check ...
You are designing a new bidding system from scratch. Which opening bid(s) should be forcing?
Against mixed 1C, I think the norm is to play your strong club defence over it and to pass first time round with a good hand. Klinger has certainly written to this effect.
An unusual personal record
Somewhat contrarily to the rest of this thread, I played a seniors imp pairs event many years ago (against Snashers and Kilvo for Oz readers). We lost the 14 board match 5-3 but Kilvo's comment was priceless "God, we old farts must play boring bridge"!

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