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Douglas Newlands
Douglas Newlands
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Aug. 25, 2015
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Drawing a 42 board KO match; playing a 2 board settler consisting of a partscore and a grand slam; drawing that and then winning the 1 board playoff.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Geelong B.C.
Favorite Conventions
the ones that partner thinks we're playing
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What's the thickest part of your system notes?
Profound apologies! I have attended to it and your good name is restored.
1N - 3m
With a 3 point 1NT range, some of my partnerships have given away an invitational 2NT in any sequence so we never ever play in 2NT. 1N-2C-2any-2NT is now available as a further enquiry. To play without an invitation,we use two rules. If total partnership points=<25, stay in 1NT. If total partnership points>=24 always reach ...
Muiderberg development doubt
Two comments. Firstly, froma semi-constructive viewpoint, you want 5-4 majors as one of your 2 bids. The 2D bid in Tassie Twos allows you to escape in 2H when there is no spade fit. Playing 2S as possibly 5S+4H forces you the 3 level. Secondly, it seems to me ...
Slow play
No Play doesn't give them 50% each, it, effectively, gives them their overall score for the day. If one pair ends up with 35% then that's what they get for the No Play board. If the other pair finishes with 65% then that is what they get for ...
1N - 3m
To handle weak 5-5 minors in a transfer setting isn't the popular current method to play that 1N-2N-3D means I like diamonds and 1N-2N-3C means I dislike diamonds and now the transferer with a weak 5-5 can pass 3C comfortably. All it does is swap the like/dislike bids ...
Do you open all 12-counts?
Not sure what the question means. If I put the first two hands opposite Axx Axx Axx Axxx then one is worth 10 tricks and one is worth 7 tricks. Opposite a non-fitting 4333 with no high cards, the first is worth 3+ tricks and the second 2+ tricks. Opposite ...
Muiderberg development doubt
There is a variant of Muiderberg played by a few here called Tassie Twos (because they were invented in Tasmania [like Chris Date's RM/T ?]) where 2D is spades and another; 2H is hearts and another; 2S is a weak 2. This allows 5M and 4oM hands to be ...
Implications of 1!H-2!S as Subinvitational 6-Bagger
I guess that modern/current/whatever mainstream slam bidding tools are the serious/12cues/LTTC/RKC complex (frivolous if you prefer) based around agreeing the major at the 3 level. So, Craig, I am interested in how do you make use of the extra level after agreeing the major at ...
Do you open all 12-counts?
I'm in the "all 11s" camp in 1st and 2nd. There will be the odd exception when playing serious teams events but not in the club where it's just fun bridge. Apart from liking bidding, there are other things to consider: 1. in 3rd seat with a passed ...
Things that made me burst out laughing during Bridge
I'm glad someone else knows of it. I was beginning to worry that it had been a hallabalucin or may a bunch of them with story titles like "down the digestive tract with mantra, tantra and specklebang"!

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