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Douglas Smix
Douglas Smix
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Jan. 19, 2014
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May 27
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Unkowningly being off 2 Aces in a Grand Slam and yet still making it. Various psyches. Finally sacrificing at the 7-level effectively.
ACBL Ranking
Douglas Smix
Pattaya/Walsh/Hardy: MaxBidSpace, Xfers, Shape Shows & Asks oh my!
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Elenalani Lam & Douglas Smix
To Consider Schuler, Flannery, Crosswood, Walsh/xMz, T&B Q, Sweedish J2N, Baze, Mup
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Francine 2018
No Guarantees
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June & Douglas
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June & Douglas (Simple)
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Ying & Douglas
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Ying & Douglas w/ MiniSplinters
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Douglas Smix's bidding problem: 6 873 AT765 KJ95
Well the East/West hand a big minor fit that would have played better and I as West didn't think to seek that fit after 4X was passed with what I hoped had to be a tolerance. Then Again I could have had a lot longer s or ...
Help us resolve the meaning of this 2nd Double!
The intention was to make my seat position ambiguous (if I was there at all) as I certainly do not want to be yessed. I simply wish to hear people's unbiased thoughts on why the bid ought to emphatically be one way and not another. I'm not sure ...
Some help needed.
Through the 2-level of our replied suit is what I believe the 'Others' and I feel it's best to play which 90 something % of the time will be 2.
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
Why isn't Schuler Shift an option. 2M being a flat 5332 or very weak 6er that will play like a flat hand?
Showing 5-5 in the Majors Over 2NT
I arrive at between 3-3.3% depending upon if you allow some 6-card minors to open 2N, and speculate playing 4M in the better 5-2 only turns out worse off than 3N in about 1/3rd the cases (sorry didn't look at statistics on the latter portion). Anyhow that ...
Chances a Jack lead is from a Doubleton (in general)
I could have been more explicit. My intention was on the opening lead of a Jack, what percent chance is this lead a doubleton (JT or Jx).
Chances a Jack lead is from a Doubleton (in general)
My question concerned the odds on balance and thus purely theoretical, yes. I’ve come to the conclusion that the actual hand that prompted the discussion was well under a 20% chance so I no longer find it worthy of being shown – sorry. Yes I do feel there would be ...
Chances a Jack lead is from a Doubleton (in general)
I whole-heartedly agree with your 1st paragraph and it was the crux of my belief the general odds were low, but my table-mates appear to have influenced my guesstimate or else I would have included a much lower range. The hand boiled down to determining if I led partner's ...

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