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Drew Becker
Drew Becker
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Oct. 8, 2010
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Howard Liu
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5 cd majors, weak notrump
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PEPSI Wins Jacoby Swiss
Grand National Slams, II
Holding all the first round controls I think that I ought to have just taken a shot at 6 hearts on the last hand (I had the big hand). Partner rates to have a couple of cards and often 5 hearts on the auction and that seems like enough for ...
What is needed for opener of a limited bid to make a game forcing splinter raise?
Void splinters is probably a decent agreement too. You also have 2nt and 2s after 1d-1h that you can assign a meaning to--maybe a raise with a singleton somewhere?
RIP Bill Wickham
Sadly, Bill just moved back to the Chicago area and began enjoying retirement a couple of years ago. I'm heading out now to the home game in the suburbs that he liked to play at. We'll pour one out for you bud.
Negative Doubles Over NT - Questions
For your question #5, opener can also bid 2nt natural in response to the shmack because the dbl shows values. good luck!
Flat Hand Double
check out this article:
Terry Adamik's bidding problem: KQJ A98763 A Q76
I'd definitely just overcall 1 heart--your hand is more than strong enough to reopen with a double if they raise diamonds, which seems like the most likely scenario.
Frank Lin's bidding problem: T652 AQ4 K83 A43
I never lie as opener because responder knows way more about my hand than I do about theirs. Responder gets much more leeway and can use judgement about whether to look for a major suit fit.
Mike Wolf's bidding problem: AK964 JT AQJ3 92
I'm passing pretty comfortably--I like the agreement in these situations is that the default bid is opener's major with 2 (instead of bidding a new suit with 4). With this agreement partner is fairly likely to have 5 hearts and if not will have spade shortness.
In the Well: Justin Lall
Hey Justin, Thanks for being in the well! What is your favorite memory from junior bridge?

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