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Drew Casen
Drew Casen
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April 4, 2011
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18 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

Bridge has been my life. I thank God that my craft can also be my profession.


United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
5 National Champioships (and 16 runner-ups), Cavendish Pairs, Cavendish Teams, Silver Medal in Rosenblum 1990.
Regular Bridge Partners
Jim Krekorian,John Onstott,Josh Donn,Nanette Noland,Jacob Karno,Paul Rosenblum
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Metarie Club (New Orleans), Baton Rouge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Rosenblum Cup, Cavendish Pairs
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Grand Life Master
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What is your opening bid and why?
My bridge experience has convinced me that the old Goren point count system is very outdated. Although we all use it as a guide, it is often not accurate. Consider the following 2 suit combinations: Compare AKxxx and xx VS Kxxxx and Ax. CLEARLY the first example is worth more ...
Forcing or semi-forcing
I had to abstain because of something big Mike (Passell) taught me, and we all should learn from his wisdom. Mike likes to play 1S-1N as forcing and 1H-1N as semi-forcing. His reasoning is that we can't get to hearts with weak hands over a 1S opening, but that ...
What is your opening bid and why?
When I first looked at this problem, I must admit that I thought it was very close between 1NT (15-17) or 1S, intending to treat this as too good to open 1NT. I went ahead and put it in K&R, which rated it at 17.75. Voila ! 1S is ...
Drew Casen's bidding problem: 732 2 AQ2 KQJ987
What has bridge come to ? We bid 3NT with 3 small in the opponents suit ? Certainly there are 2 possible calls with this hand, those being 3S and 4C. I would sympathize with 3NT if I had Qx in spades, but NOT 3 small. I really like the analysis that ...
Drew Casen's bidding problem: 732 2 AQ2 KQJ987
and what if partner has a full spade stopper and no ace of clubs ?
USA2 wins d'Orsi Seniors Trophy
I am so happy for these guys you cannot imagine. Many of them are lifelong friends. YIPPIE !
What's this double? (Variation 999 or so)
I want the final word: I will, for the umpteenth time, quote Eric Kokish, the greatest bridge coach that ever lived " The more spohisticated your partnership becomes, the fewer penalty doubles you will play" And to qoute myself " The older we get and the more we learn, the less we ...
What's this double? (Variation 999 or so)
Feels like double should be a 2 card raise with values. 2H a 5 bagger with club support, 2S que bid for clubs, 2NT natural but forcing to 3C, 3C simple raise. Sorry folks, I can't make a penalty double.
What's this double? (Variation 999 or so)
I'm new school, so this is not a penalty double for me.
Drew Casen's bidding problem: QJT AKQ8 98765 T
Gregory, please see my reply below.

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