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Drew Casen
Drew Casen
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April 4, 2011
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about me

Bridge has been my life. I thank God that my craft can also be my profession.


United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
5 National Champioships (and 16 runner-ups), Cavendish Pairs, Cavendish Teams, Silver Medal in Rosenblum 1990.
Regular Bridge Partners
Jim Krekorian,John Onstott,Josh Donn,Nanette Noland,Jacob Karno,Paul Rosenblum
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Metarie Club (New Orleans), Baton Rouge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Rosenblum Cup, Cavendish Pairs
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Drew Casen's bidding problem: QJT AKQ8 98765 T
Gregory, please see my reply below.
Drew Casen's bidding problem: QJT AKQ8 98765 T
Gregory, I agree with your 5 call. However, if partner converts to 5, showing hearts and clubs, I think you should re evaluate and raise to 6. Why ? Because NOW your hearts are working when they weren't such great cards opposite a minor 2 suiter. The ...
TAKE OUT or PENALTY - Other Auctions
With my deepest apologies to Eric Kokish for repeating too many times and too often what he once said to me: The more sophisticated your partnership becomes, the fewer penalty doubles you will play."
Who is wrong?
The strong hand should respond 4C, showing a GF without a 4 card major. That allows the doubler to punt with 4D or bid 4H with the hand he actually has. Then the strong hand bids 4S to show only 3, allowing the doubler to retreat to 5D.
Who is wrong?
Placing the south hand at the top of the page and the north hand on the bottom of the page causes confusion to readers and voters. I must admit I would have doubled 3C as north.
What is a good grand slam?
From my rubber bridge days in the 80s and 90s, I learned that you have to be a 2-1 favorite to bid a grand slam, so 67% has to be close to correct. But from pro bridge days from the 80s and 90s, I rememeber Mr. Schwenke reading off -480 ...
How would you rule ?
Brad, I would say that south is 110% sure his partner has solid diamonds. He has opened 2C, then bid 3D, and then later jumped to 6D. In what world is that not a solid, self sufficient suit ?
A "Taxing" Question
I strongly suggest that you withdraw this article immediately.
How would you rule ?
The BIT was before the 4H call, NOT before the 6D call. Therefore West's argument here is totally misguided. West ONLY has a case if south had a BIT and then north jumped to 6D. Here the person who broke tempo is the one that is jumping to slam.
5M+4m extra values
I can't survive unless I open 1NT. However, reverse my minors and I would 1 because I like to play transfer bart.

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