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Drew Casen
Drew Casen
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April 4, 2011
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17 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

Bridge has been my life. I thank God that my craft can also be my profession.


United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
5 National Championships (and 16 runner-ups), Cavendish Pairs, Cavendish Teams, Silver Medal in Rosenblum 1990.
Regular Bridge Partners
Jim Krekorian,Jacob Karno,Paul Rosenblum,Nanette Noland
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Metarie Club (New Orleans), Baton Rouge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Rosenblum Cup, Cavendish Pairs
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Grand Life Master
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What does double mean here?
To Brian Platnick: I must admit that we do not have different meanings to bids based on form of scoring or colors in our notes.(we always assume IMPS) However, like you said, it could determine a bidding decision, espescailly when presented as a problem. All I was trying to ...
What should this bid mean?
comment cancelled
What does double mean here?
Why can't east have both minors and less than 3 spades ? Thats what most experts would have for the delayed double, NOT a penalty double of 2H.
What does double mean here?
My trusted partner Jimmy Krekorian would have 3 spades and 6 hearts and a maximum with good offense AND good defense. Why you ask ? Because it is sound IMP philosphy to accept any plus score when there is no game. If I think I can beat 3C, I pass and ...
Delayed support or cuebid?
Yehudit, you mentioned that you play 3S as non serious. Wow ! Several years ago I added in my notes as follows: When we are in a GF and hearts are estbalished at the 3 level, 3S is artifical non serious slam try, and 3NT is a serious spade que bid ...
Delayed support or cuebid?
It is dangerous to bid 2H with primary spade support. If opener does not support hearts, responder's NEXT bid of 3S shows two spades, not three. In this article, suppose opener bid 3D instead of 3H, wouldnt responder want to show Honor doubleton in spades Now ?
Delayed support or cuebid?
Hearts is trumps. We can longer play in spades unless responder jumps to 4S to show a picture bid, something like KQx, AKJxx,xx,xx. Therefore 3S is a control showing bid with hearts agreed.
Should I have been harsher?
Situations like these are even tougher for professionals. I have often reclused myself from serving on committees when one of my sponsors was involved. When playing at the local club, it is even more of a dilemma. Do I ignore incorrect behavior at the table for the sake of peace ...
Drew Casen's lead problem: A8 K7654 Qx AJTx
For those of you who are interested, passing through out is the only way to go plus. A heart lead gets you +100, but anything else gets you +200. I am a big believer in leading passively on deals like this one. Isn't the ace of spades the most ...
Drew Casen's lead problem: A8 K7654 Qx AJTx
There is a lot to be said for leading the Ace of spades. I considered THAT lead at the table, but instead made the losing decision to go with the 'field' lead of a small heart even though I knew deep down inside how dangerous it could be.

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