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Drew Casen
Drew Casen
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April 4, 2011
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April 22
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Bridge Pro
about me

Bridge has been my life. I thank God that my craft can also be my profession.


United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
5 National Champioships (and 16 runner-ups), Cavendish Pairs, Cavendish Teams, Silver Medal in Rosenblum 1990.
Regular Bridge Partners
Jim Krekorian,John Onstott,Josh Donn,Nanette Noland,Jacob Karno,Paul Rosenblum
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Metarie Club (New Orleans), Baton Rouge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Rosenblum Cup, Cavendish Pairs
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ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Apportion of blame
What was the hurry to bid 3NT ? Why not a forcing 2NT to mildly suggest NT ? A jump to 3NT should be more NT oriented and virtually demand a pass opposite a balanced hand. Even so, I don't like south's pass either. So it took BOTH partners to ...
John Solodar, RIP
We will all miss the SPIDER.
Overcalling 1NT with a singleton
Thanks, Steve. What you have has stated is exactly why I have written this article. But it seems like I am talking to the walls when discussing this matter with the bridge police.
Overcalling 1NT with a singleton
Lynn, we are 'kool'
Overcalling 1NT with a singleton
I will tell you EXACTLY what I told the directors.. that we ALWAYS 100% of the time transfer to our 5 card major, which proves that we do NOT have an agreement ?
Overcalling 1NT with a singleton
The directors have informed me that we cannot hide behind 'we have no agreement' if we keep doing it.
Overcalling 1NT with a singleton
Wow. I did bid 2C after RHO bid 1NT, but that did not get us to 3NT.
Overcalling 1NT with a singleton
Ok, all you passers. I also passed, hoping they would bid hearts. LHO bid 1S with 2 points and RHO rebid 1NT with 12 points. So there we are with 26 highs, cold for 3NT. Now what ?
Overcalling 1NT with a singleton
So the rule as it is currently appears is incorrect ?
Happy Endings
Gary, as a pro often playing with weak partners I often find myself in ridiculous contracts like 3-3 fits. Is spite of being in a silly contract, I ALWAYS work as hard as I can to make the most tricks and worry about giving them a bidding lesson later. Maintaining ...

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