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Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come
Perhaps Iam is thinking of the trigonometric mnemonic The Orange Alligator Sat On His Cornflakes And Hiccupped
Improve Your Chances
I'd have drawn two rounds of trumps before playing on clubs. W is endplayed, on this layout, unless he plays a low spade. Why is that wrong?
Apportion the blame - no play slam
NS deserve some credit. EW doent know what each other has, and both think their partner has a singleton spade, if opps have bid to the level of the fit. Im sure Id be in a similar quandary, not wanting to be fooled out of a slam contract by tough ...
Plan the defence
Also if declarer is xx,xxx,AKxx,Qxxx he has 8 top tricks so you can't afford to let him win a heart trick.
ATP- Match Points
I blame both players, because East can't botch his tricky decision if W bids 3S. E may think that W is much weaker, or wants to defend 3D, given his failure to X or overcall.
Defence - decision at trick 3
Its tough to construct hands that support S's and W's bids, and also where it makes a difference what I play now. W must have something in diamonds to support the overcall, so that seems a safe play, and it may be the key play if P has ...
What does partner's tank suggest?
Doesn't N's pass deny having the sort of hand he actually has - maximum with 3 card support? Id have bid 3S and then I wouldnt have this problem now.
Yet another what does 4NT mean
I like the simple rule that if there is any doubt, 4NT is RKCB for the last naturally bid suit. I'm sure more complicated agreements are better if you can remember them, and correctly work out when they apply. But this is simple, and better than leaving it as ...
Plan the play
From the declarer's seat it seems obvious to me that the lead is a singleton, so I have to rise with the Ace. That means W 'must' have AK because E declined to bid to the level of fit, or sacrifice at favourable vulnerabilty. I dont have to work ...
Hesitation Problem
1. How can anyone assess that a bid took "5 seconds beyond his normal tempo"? 2. You have to interpret "in tempo" in the context of the actual auction. Anything less than 5 secs thinking time in this tricky situation might have been an out-of-tempo fast pass. 3. Had there ...
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