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Durmus Caliskan
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June 23, 2010
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July 10
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1N - 3C as Minor Suit Stayman?
We play MSS after regular Stayman. 1NT 2 2X 3 asks information about minor suits. 1NT 2 2 3 ? 3: I have a 5-card minor. Then 3 asks >> 3=5, 3NT=5 3: 4333 3: 4333 ...
Give the Count
Hi Kit, Why there is no 1 option over partner's 1 opening? I guess, you have very good reason(s) not to bid 1 with this hand. But I wonder why you did not mention about it. Some would respond 1 here.
The Safer Slam
Sorry. I meant, after 1-2-2 opener still may have 4 clubs. something like AJ10xxx qx A Qxxx. Now even GS is possible.
The Safer Slam
Thanks Kit. Great article again. Don't you have chance to find out number of the clubs partner has? May be 6C is the safer slam. Does he always bid 3C over 2C with 3+ clubs? Does opener have special rebids to show 5+s/5c or 6+s/4c ...

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